How Many Calories Are Burned While Walking?

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The truth about burning calories

The truth is that we are burning calories while we are sitting, eating, writing, or showering. Anything you do is going to use energy and the only way your body knows how to get energy is to burn calories. The secret to losing weight and burning fat is to burn more calories in a day then you consume. As the days go by, those extra burned calories add up.

How do you determine how many calories are burned when walking?

Total calories burned are calculated using a person’s weight, the intensity of the exercise, and the length of time you spend on the activity. For example, a 140lb person walking at 2mph for 45 minutes will burn about 120 calories and a 220lb person doing the same would burn 187 calories.

Another contributing factor is speed but that doesn’t mean you have to go faster. The slower you walk, the less momentum you use to keep moving forward and the more calories you burn. The faster you walk and the more you move, and the more you are using all of your major muscle groups. Using the large muscle groups burns lots of calories. There are a few free calculators in the resources section below to help with calculating how many calories are burned while walking.

Use your arms to maximize calories burned.

Of course you know that walking works your legs but it is also a great opportunity for you to work your arms. Have you ever seen those power walkers pumping their arms back and forth? They are doing that because the more muscles you recruit while walking, the more calories you burn.

Keep challenging yourself.

Every week try to extend your walk by about ten or twenty minutes. This could mean choosing a new route or just going a little farther before deciding to turn around. If you use public transportation you can try getting off one stop before you’re supposed to. The extra mile or so should take only about to minutes longer and can help you to keep challenging yourself and improve your physical capabilities.

Making the transition from walking to running.

After a while you may get bored with just walking and you might start thinking about running. Take it easy at first. You don’t have to give it all you’ve got. Just start out by jogging slowly and gradually work up your speed. Its important to listen to your body and be careful not to over do it. Some people begin running too hard and too fast and then they get hurt. The injury turns them off to running and they never try again. The truth is, that like anything else, you have to be patient with yourself and take it one day at a time.


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