The Many Ways to Eat Soy Protein: Soy Protein Isolate

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A Soy Protein Product for Those New to Soy

The reason most people give for not trying soy products is the way they taste, or the way they think they will taste. For this person to be able to benefit from the heart health benefits of soy protein, they will need a product that will taste very much like what they’re used to. Food makers are working to address this issue by making soy protein foods that are made primarily to taste good. Even still, it may be difficult for these people to shake their reservations.

For these people, soy protein isolate may be the answer. It is a soy protein product that can be used with familiar favorites without a change in taste to the food. The only drawback for this person may be the fact that they will still need to find ways to make those favorite foods lower in fat and cholesterol.

Soy Protein Isolate

What Is Soy Protein Isolate?

Soy protein isolate is a dry powder of soy protein that has been isolated from most of the other elements of a soybean. It is about 95% soy protein and is free from carbohydrate and fat. Soy protein isolate is a very simple way to add soy protein in the diet without changing what you eat.

Where You Can Find Soy Protein Isolate

Soy protein isolate is present in many foods in the supermarket including:

  • infant soy formula- dry and liquid
  • energy bars
  • cereals
  • weight gain powdered drinks

Here is a list of specific foods with soy protein isolate:

  • Dixie USA, Inc. -Soy Rocks bars
  • Kellogg’s Smart Start Soy Protein Cereal
  • Kraft/Back to Nature - Oat and Soy Crisp Cereal

Using Soy Protein Isolate at Home

You can buy a canister of soy protein isolate (plain or flavored) and use it to make a soy protein shake or smoothie. It can also be mixed in with hot cereals, soups, stews, casseroles, pasta dishes, or any other of your favorite dishes. The canister will have an expiration date printed on it so you’ll know how long you can use it. It lasts for many months if it’s kept sealed.

Nutritional Content

Since the soy protein isolate powder is only protein, then it’s virtually fat, carbohydrate, and cholesterol free. One ounce of the powder has 96 calories and 23 grams of protein. One ounce of soy protein isolate is the equivalent of 3 lean meat or meat substitutes according to The American Diabetes Association/American Dietetic Association meal exchange list.


Soyfoods Association of North America

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