The Flat Belly Diet Review: Headstart Plan for Holiday Weight Loss

The holiday season is approaching fast and many people want to lose some weight for the holidays. Although the only way to lose weigh consistently and effectively is changing poor eating habits and increase exercise activity, some people need the structure that diet plans offer to start losing weight and as an incentive to changing eating habits. We are used to our routines and ways to do things, so, sometimes, a diet plan is what pushes us to start changing the way we see food and how to use food as a tool to lose weight.

The Flat Belly Diet Plan

The Flat Belly Diet Plan has just been released in time for the holiday season. As with many diet plans, The Flat Belly Diet has a special Head start Plan. Using this special Head start Plan it would be possible to lose weight for the Holiday season. The plan promises to “give the metabolism a boost” and to “shrink the waistline.” In addition to the special Head start Plan, The Flat Belly Diet Plan offers very detailed information on how to lose weight consistently and also offers an on line community for people sticking to this diet plan.

How does The Flat Belly Diet Plan Work?

The second stage is a sort of maintenance plan, which involves eating 400 calories meals throughout the days at regular intervals. Specific foods are recommended for this maintenance period of The Flat Belly Diet Plan.

There are two phases on this diet plan. The first one is a special 4-day plan to jumpstart your weight loss. It is said that during this four days “extreme” you will eliminate toxins from your body. The 4-day Jumpstart plan requires eating a low calorie diet comprised of specific food (water-based foods) and monounsaturated fats. Also, and very important, during the jumpstart period of The Flat Belly Diet, people need a special watery preparation called "Sassy Water".

Sassy Water: The Flat Belly Diet Special Ingredient

According to the book, one of the secrets of Flat Belly Diet Plan is the Sassy Water. This is special water that people should drink during the 4-day jumpstart phase. Sassy water’s recipe includes water, grated ginger, cucumber, lemon, and spearmint leaves. According to the authors the sassy water is designed to “detoxify the system and help stimulate weight loss.” The recipe is for two liters which you should drink each day.

More on the Flat Belly Diet Plan

In addition to the four-day Jumpstart Plan, following on this Diet plan involves eating on a specific schedule and selecting specific foods throughout the course of the diet. Also, stress management is a big part of this plan and recommendations are given for this on the book.

The Flat Belly Diet Plan also offers online support for people who stick to the plan. A subscription-based program ( gives continued support for followers with many recipes, ideas, tips and recommendation for The Flat Belly Diet program.

All in all, a good program if you need to jumpstart your weight loss efforts. However, remember, the only way to really lose weight is to change your poor eating habits and increase exercise activity. As with anything related to your health please consult your doctor before starting this or any weight loss program.


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