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The Higher Protein Diet – Weight Loss Program

written by: Summer Banks • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 10/7/2010

Foods that are rich in protein are effective in the achievement of weight loss when combined with small quantities of carbohydrates. The body automatically converts the protein to glucose via a process known as Gluconoegenesis. This boosts a dieter’s energy thus improving their health.

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    The Role of Proteins in Weight Loss

    People are likely to remain full for a long time when they consume foods that are rich in proteins. Weight watchers may need to consider their metabolism rates when computing the appropriate amount of proteins to consume in a day, in order to shed off significant weight. A plus-size dieter may visit a physician to determine if high protein diets are appropriate for them especially if they have large amounts of weight to lose.

    Proteins take a longer period to digest than carbohydrates and this causes weight watchers to stay full for quite some time. Subsequent to the consumption of high protein foods, dieters should refrain from eating carbohydrate rich snacks between meals. Instead, they may consume fresh fruit juice that is rich in protein or simply plain water. High protein foods include vegetables, grains, eggs, beans, meats and dairy products.

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    Effects that High Protein Diets have on Weight Watchers

    The body loves the carbohydrate because it is quick fuel that converts to energy easily. The protein, however, takes a bit longer to convert to usable fuel and thus the feeling of being fuller, longer. When trying to lose weight, the number one complaint is hunger, protein helps to stop that hunger in its tracks and thus helps the dieter to lose more weight. If eating large amounts of protein seems too tasking, there are alternatives to steak. The dieter who just does not like the taste of protein enough to eat it consistently may take protein drinks to get a regular supply of protein.

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    Always Add Exercise

    Just like any other diet that works, the dieter needs to get that body moving. Exercise not only helps the body to lose more weight, but helps to keep bones strong and the body healthy with a boost to the immune system. An added benefit of the high protein diet is the ease at which the protein moves to the recovering muscles. By adding a bit of carbohydrate to the diet after a workout, the protein moves quickly into the muscle and helps build the muscle and thus the muscle will burn more calories.