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Is South Beach all it's cracked up to be? Will you really lose ten pounds in ten days drinking a special lemonade? Find out here by reading what others are saying about diets that have been around the block a few years, or new ones that the latest celebrity recently lost a ton of weight on. Learn if the Cabbage Soup Diet is a fad or really something to consider.

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  • 10 Quick & Simple Tips to Promote Healthy Food Choices For Teens
    Junk food and fast food have become the norm for many teens. The good news is that making poor food choices doesn't have to be permanent condition; lifelong, healthy eating habits for teens can be easily developed.
  • A Review of Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution
    Everyone knows who he is. Dr. Phil is on the television on his own show, on other shows, in the book store and all over the internet. Does this mean that his ultimate weight solution diet plan will work?
  • The Subway Diet
    Of all the famous fad diets of the last couple of decades, the Subway Diet is one of the more well-known. Popularized by Jared Fogle, this diet includes consuming a lot of sandwiches and little else in order to lose weight.
  • The Skinny Diet
    If you are looking for a diet that will help you lose weight without cutting out your favorite foods, you may want to try the Skinny Diet. This diet is a portion control diet, which means you will lose weight because you are eating less.
  • The Moon Diet
    A detoxification program based on the cycles of the moon, this one may be worth a shot if nothing else seems to work, or you are looking for something new to try.
  • Sensa: Weight Loss Program
    Sensa is a new weight loss program, involving a powder sprinkled over the food before it is eaten. Read on to learn more about the program, how to use it, and why it may not work.
  • Lemonade Diet
    The Lemonade Diet, commonly referred to as the Master Cleanse Diet, serves to cleanse and detoxify your body. Read on to learn more about how this works and the science behind it to help you decide if it is right for you.
  • The Healthy Hair Diet
    If you have ever wondered what you can do get gorgeous, strong, shiny, healthy hair then this article is for you. With the right combination of healthy habits, you'll be on your way to healthy hair you'll love for life.
  • Review of the Medifast Diet Plan
    The Medifast diet is a widely accepted program endorsed by health professionals. Medifast diet reviews are easily found on the Internet, but they may or may not be unbiased. A more object review of the program rather than the product is our goal here.
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