Diet Reviews

Is South Beach all it�s cracked up to be? Will you really lose ten pounds in ten days drinking a special lemonade? Find out here by reading what others are saying about diets that have been around the block a few years, or new ones that the latest celebrity recently lost a ton of weight on. Learn if the Cabbage Soup Diet is a fad or really something to consider.

Facts About the Optifast Program

Like almost anyone throughout North America, you have probably seen commercials for the Optifast program and similar liquid fasts. If you are someone on-the-go, the idea of losing weight quickly through meal replacements is appealing but the practice might not work out for you.

What Food Can I Eat on the Atkin's Diet?

What Food Can I Eat on the Atkin’s Diet? This question is asked a lot and the Atkin’s Diet can be used as a successful tool to lose weight when followed correctly. In this article you will find information about the foods that can be eaten while on the Atkin’s Diet.
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