The hCG Diet Review - Does This Weight Loss Plan Really Work?

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About the hCG Diet (5 out of 5)

hCG can be taken in two different forms, injection or drops taken under the tongue. The hCG can be taken at any time of the day but it needs to done at that same time everyday. I recommend taking your hCG in the early morning.

hCG is hormone and when used in the diet allows your body to burn stored fat at a very fast pace. Your body will burn 2,500 - 3,500 calories a day while you only consume 500 calories in food. This is why you lose weight at such a rapid pace. You are only allowed to eat certain foods in very strict amounts and following this is a must.

A person can lose anywhere from one to three pounds a day depending on when and what you eat. The amount of weight you lose also depends on how well you prepped your body for the diet (I will talk more about the diet prep in the food section). The total amount of weight you lose depends on how long you stay on the diet. The amount of time you stay on the diet is usually in weekly intervals and determined before you begin the diet.

Foods You Can Eat on the hCG Diet (4 out of 5)

Three days prior to starting the hCG diet you will need to prepare your body for the diet. You will need to consume as much food as you can, eating anything and everything you can. This is important because your fat cells need to be at their largest.

For the next two to three weeks you will have to follow the 500 calorie a day guideline. You are allowed to drink coffee, tea and water in any quantity as long as it doesn’t contain sugar. If you like to have you drink sweetened, Stevia is the only sweetener that the diet allows. If you like to use creamer in your coffee, you are allowed one tablespoon of milk per day.

The meat allowed on the diet is grilled or boiled veal, beef, chicken, white fish, lobster, crab and shrimp. The vegetables allowed are spinach, chicory beet-greens, chard, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, cucumbers, asparagus, green salad and cabbage. And the fruits you can eat include an apple, a handful of strawberries and half of a grapefruit. You are also allowed Melba toast in a certain quantity.

All day you are allowed two 100 gram portions of meat, two vegetable servings, two fruit servings and two pieces of Melba toast. These portions should be broken down throughout your lunch, dinner and snacks.

You will have to follow this diet through out the time you are taking hCG and 48-72 hours after you complete your last dose.

Challenges of the HCG Diet (3 out of 5)

This diet can become very challenging because of the diet you must follow. The food options become very boring and after a while it seems like you are eating the same things over and over. You also feel like you very little energy. This has a lot to do with the fact that you are only consuming 500 calories a day. Toward the end of the diet you start to get used to the small amounts of food you are taking in. But eating the same things over and over may make every other food around seem very tempting.

After the HCG Diet (5 out of 5)

After you complete the hCG diet the foods you are allowed to eat will change. You will slowly add a different food group in at a time. This allows your body to get used to the your new eating style and allows your body to successfully burn it off. The key to keeping the weight off it to choose a healthier way of eating. Returning to old eating habits can cause you to gain weight again. This diet is to help a person drop weight fast and to choose a healthier eating style. Also, adding in exercise creates a great overall benefit to keeping the weight off.

Chances of Success (5 out of 5)

Your chances of success with the hCG diet are very high only if you follow it exactly as directed. This diet is based on scientific research so if not followed exactly as directed it will not work. You must have a high level of will power and be very motivated to lose weight. I recommend doing this diet with a friend. Having a friend will help you to stay on track and talk you through your low points.

Exercise During the HCG Diet (5 out of 5)

To lose more weight while doing this diet, do not do any type of strength training where you might build muscle. If you build any muscle the hCG will not be able to burn it off. It is only made to burn fat. You can do light cardio like walking or jogging while you are on the diet. After you complete the diet you can include strength training to build muscle and tone your body.