Health Benefits of Ballet Dancing & Exercise

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You can experience many health benefits of ballet dancing even if you’re not a professional dancer. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to get in shape, improve indurance and flexibility try ballet!


Ballet is a great way to get into shape. Not only is it a good cardio workout, but your muscles are actively engaged as you are developing strength, which will in turn help burn fat and contribute to a sleek physique. A 150-pound dancer can burn 150 calories from 30 minutes of moderate dance activity. Ballet is also a great way to develop good posture, both essential to proper health and an improved appearance. Studies also have linked dancing to the prevention of diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If these benefits weren’t enough, ballet teaches flexibility, a building block to any sound fitness plan.


There is a lot of brain power to be harnessed from practicing ballet. We have all heard of studies that link listening to classical music with high SAT scores, but did you know learning ballet moves can help your math skills? By learning dance moves and calculating how they fit to the rhythm of the music, you are giving yourself a brain boost. You are also expanding the artistic part of your brain by absorbing the music and emoting your body accordingly. Your interest in ballet will lead you to a piqued interest in musical compositions and theatrical productions.


Exercise releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins into the brain, and ballet workouts are no exception. Ballet dancing is also a special time a dancer can enjoy his or her own company, emptying the mind to just relax and enjoy music and movements. Ballet movements are known for releasing stress and tension from the body. This in turn contributes to an overall improved sense of well-being. As the dancer learns and masters various dance moves, his or her confidence level will increase. It is also a great place to meet people and make friends. For those who practiced ballet dancing as a child, reconnecting to the art as an adult can have some pleasant, nostalgic benefits.


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