Children and Infant Nutrition

Children and infants have nutritional requirements and needs that are unique to their rapidly growing bodies. Here at the Diet & Nutrition Channel you’ll find expert advice on feeding your children the right stuff to keep them healthy and active. You’ll find tips to get fussy children to eat vegetables, discussions over the health benefits of breastfeeding vs. formula, whether your teen is getting the nutrients they need and more.

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Instilling good eating habits in our children is essential. Helping your child get into the habit of healthy snacking is a routine that they are likely to carry with them into their adult years. With obesity on the rise, eating the right foods is more important now than ever.

Interesting Apple Facts For Children

Our parents told us when we were little that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This saying stuck with us into adulthood, but can we relay facts to children about apples and make them interesting? Start by trying these unusual apple facts for children with your family or classroom.

Healthy Kindergarten Snack Ideas for Kids

When kindergarten children need a snack, you may be tempted to give them packs of fruit chews or cracker packs. Snacks for young children do not have to be boring or ordinary. Take a few minutes to prepare some of these kindergarten snack ideas that are healthy and nourishing.