Top Five Yoga Arm Exercises to Get Rid of Fat

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According to Women’s Health magazine, the chaturanga is a classic yoga arm exercise designed to get rid of that flabby underarm fat that you have no idea how you got in the first place or how to get rid of. Lie flat on the floor, arms at your side. Bend elbows and place hands next to your chest on either side. Push up to a push-up position, then gently lower your body, which should be straight, until your elbows are right next to the sides of your back. Hold this position as long as possible. This move will strengthen the arms and provide stability.


The cobra exercise works your arms and abs together for a dynamic duo of a workout. Begin by lying flat on the floor, face down, with your hands on each side of your face. Bend your elbows and push up until your arms are extended. Look towards the ceiling with a curved back and extended neck. Use your arm and lower abs to maintain the pose for 20 seconds. Release slowly and repeat three times.

In addition to strengthening your arm muscles, the cobra pose works your spine to be more flexible and stretches your ab muscles for more movability. Plus, it’s a great exercise to perform when your shoulders are sore as well.


The fish exercise might look funny, but it will stretch your spine and give you a good yoga arm exercise at the same time. Lie flat on your back with your hands tucked flat beneath your bottom. Raise your head and chest and bend your head back until you see objects behind you. Your back should remained curved with arms bent in support of your body. Stick out the chest to hold the pose. Release the pose slowly after several seconds.

Inclined Plane

The inclined plane pose employs the arms to hold the upper body and stabilize the legs. Start by sitting down with your feet stretched out in front of you, hands behind your back supporting your upper body. Lay your head back, lift the hips, and stick out the chest. The head should hand upside-down between the shoulders with arms holding your body.


The bow stretches the arms, legs, and spine for an all over yoga arm workout. Lie on the ground with your head on the floor. Bend your knees so your feet almost touch your rear. Reach behind you to grab both ankles with your hands. Raise the ankles so only your hips and stomach are touching the floor. Your body should look a little like a rocking chair, with your head facing forward, arms extended behind you, and feet and legs up in the air.


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