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Malibu Pilates Chair Review

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 6/27/2011

Give this sculpting chair a try and you'll see great results in muscle tone and core strength. This chair offers versatile workout exercises so you don't get bored. The Malibu Pilates Chair also offers different levels of resistance which always allows room for higher levels of fitness goals.

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    A Great Core Workout For Abdominal Muscles

    Every woman longs to have a secret weapon in her back pocket when it comes to her beauty regime. My secret weapon happens to be the Malibu pilates chair. This fitness chair is nothing short of amazing. This lightweight chair works off of springs to provide resistance training to tone and sculpt your muscles. In particular, it provides great exercise of the core or abdominal muscles which are usually a problem area with most women. You can choose between a 20, 30, or 45 minute DVD that provides an entire body workout. The chair weighs approximately 40 pounds and is very convenient to move from room to room. The chair is very easy to set up and the convenience factor makes for a very attractive, easy, and fun fitness workout.

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    Malibu Pilates Chair Options and Advantages

    The Malibu Pilates chair offers a comfortably padded seat with handles and a footrest. The spring tension on the chair can also be set or changed between light and heavy resistance. This offers a more challenging workout as you become stronger. The chair normally comes with three workout DVDs, a Malibu Pilates moves poster and a handy eating guide to help you reach your fitness goals. There has been a lot of fitness equipment over the years and I have bought into a lot of gimmicks, but this chair is the real deal. Give the Malibu Pilates chair a try once and you will find you will be addicted. I always look forward to my workout on the chair and I can feel it in every part of my body. I have noticed a difference in my body in the first two weeks and have gone down two pant sizes. Combine this with a cardio workout and you will see fantastic results. For those who are not familiar with pilates, it is very important to watch the basic fundamental video first before attempting any chair moves. The basics DVD shows you the correct posture and positions for performing each pilates move.

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    Malibu Pilates is a Great Way to Tone and Strenthen Abdominal Core Muscles

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    Convenience and Pricing

    It is not expected for you to be able to perform all of the pilates moves right away. Over time, your core muscles will become stronger and you will be able to perform the more challenging and difficult moves. If you're short on time and want a quick and effective strength training workout, then this fitness chair is the ticket. It is hard to find a fun and challenging piece of fitness equipment that offers a complete body workout. Another plus is that it conveniently folds up for storage. All of these things make the Malibu Pilates chair a very special piece of equipment. The chair normally retails for around $300, but if you're at all internet savvy and know where to look, you can find it cheaper elsewhere. If you enjoy pilates and are on the fence about purchasing a Malibu Pilates chair, you will not be disappointed and will enjoy each and every workout.