How to Lose Thigh Fat: Pilates Leg Exercises

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Thigh Fat: The Best Way to Get Rid of It

Diet and Cardio

The only real way that thigh slimming exercises will work for you is with a commitment to consistent cardio training and maintaining a proper diet devoid of the kinds of food that cause that fat to build up. On both of those counts, the Bright Hub Health and Fitness channels have solutions and suggestions that will work for you.

You’ll have to do cardio work consistently to get that heart rate up to burn calories whether it’s running, elliptical machines, or a high energy class like aerobics or spinning. If you find one of those that you really like than stick with it or mix and match for a little variety. The point is, you do have to do it over and over to keep your metabolism up and that’s hard work but worth the effort for all the physical and mental benefits it brings.

The diet is an integral element too, but for the purposes of this article, I will only tell you that our site also has the solution with only a modicum of searching. When you’re on top of those two elements, the following effective thigh exercises from the Pilates method will start to show the results you’re looking for.

Pilates Leg Exercises to Get Rid of Thigh Fat

Remember with Pilates, controlled and precise breathing are of paramount importance along with maintaining the correct spinal alignment of the spine. Start with Leg Kicks by assuming the starting position which entails lying on the right side of your body so that you’re in a straight line. Your right arm is bent with the elbow on the floor and your hand supporting your lifted head. Lift that left leg straight up in the air and hover it on out to your front fluidly, hold for a breath, and then go back to the starting position.

Your next breath coincides with lifting the leg up, attempting to get it perpendicular to the floor. Lower the leg with control. Repeat until it burns, embrace that burn and make that your goal for the number of sets (shoot for between 2 and 8 depending upon your physical condition). Roll over and get the other leg using the same procedure.

Thigh Lifts are next. Begin in the same position except this time raise that top leg, bend your knee bringing it forward and place the foot attached to that leg on the ground to the front of your bottom leg’s hip or thigh (you know you’re body so extend to your limit but don’t over-strain yourself). Toes should be pointing forward. That top hand can either grasp your leg or be place on the ground. Repeat this process for the burn I mentioned above.

Making these Pilates thigh lengthening exercises a part of your routine will help you achieve that long, lean look and get rid of thigh fat.