Denise Austin’s “On the Spot Pilates” Review

Pilates in Paradise

Denise Austin brings viewers this dvd from a variety of tropical locations. Denise, one of the world’s most popular fitness instructors always has videos of good production quality, and this one is no exception. You’ll love the calming and soothing atmosphere of this pilates dvd that really adds to the stress relieving benefits of the workout.

About the Workout

This pilates workout comes with 2 separate sections. The first section focuses on the abdominals and waist. You’ll get 3 separate 10 minute ab/waist workouts of progressing difficulty. The first is a beginner level pilates workout, and the next two workouts get tougher and tougher. You can do one or all three together for a longer ab workout. This Denise Austin dvd takes classic pilates exercises and gives some of them a signature twist.

The second section of this pilates workout dvd is the lower body section. It includes 3 10 minute workouts geared toward the hips, thighs, and butt. Do one or all together to tone the entire lower body in 30 minutes. You’ll also receive a 15 minute "challenge" workout. This consists of standing pilates moves for the entire body. The whole workout is 75 minutes long.

Relaxing and Challenging

"Hit the Spot Pilates" is a relaxing pilates workout that best meets the needs of the intermediate level exerciser. While it is relaxing and you’re sure to beat the stress, you also will be adequately challenged unless you are advanced in pilates. Denise does use a bit faster pace in this workout than many other pilates instructors, and faster than what is considered classic pilates. She doesn’t focus on breathing the way a classical pilates instructor would either. With this in mind, however, the quicker pace may actually appeal to those who find the extremely slow-pace of some pilates dvds annoying. There is a music-only option for those who would rather concentrate on the exercises and not listen to Denise’s encouragement. Her positive instructions are great and very uplifting, but after this Denise Austin dvd is played multiple times some people grow weary of hearing the instructor repeat the same thing over and over. It’s nice to have a choice between music-only and instructions.


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