Emotional Exercise Benefits for Women: Feeling Better on the Inside as Well as the Outside

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Better Self Concept

Women who exercise enjoy more than just the physical benefits of being active. While those alone are enough of a reason to exercise, the emotional exercise benefits are just as important. Many women deal with self esteem issues, and exercise can be a real boost to a woman’s self esteem. Since women who engage in a regular exercise program are healthier and more physically fit, it gives women a positive feeling of accomplishment. They feel healthier and more attractive, and self confidence is boosted. Even those who haven’t met their fitness goals feel good about moving forward through exercise.

Women feel a sense of accomplishment when they are doing something about what they wish to improve in any situation, and exercise is no different. Those who are physically fit are less fatigued since exercise is a real energy booster. These women feel more able to get important things done in their lives, which also boosts feelings of overall satisfaction in life. In addition, women who exercise sleep better, and we all know the emotional stress that not getting enough sleep can cause.

A Better Outlook on Life

When women engage in regular exercise, they may experience a better outlook on life. Exercise leads to less worry and anxiety. Serotonin is produced in the body during exercise. This chemical in the brain is responsible for regulating mood. This is why doctors recommend exercise to patients who are suffering from depression. Regular aerobic exercise may help reverse mild to moderate depression. Along with serotonin, tryptophan, another mood regulating chemical, is produced during exercise. For women who are feeling a little blue, starting an exercise program may improve their mood. Low levels of these chemicals can lead to clinical depression, and a regular exercise program can guard against depression in healthy women.

Less PMS

Women who exercise may have less PMS symptoms than sedentary women. Those who exercise have fewer mood swings, and milder physical symptoms too. Fewer physical symptoms contribute to a better emotional state as well. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week to reduce the emotional symptoms of PMS.

Less Stress for Women Who Work Out

Women who work out have less overall feelings of stress. Exercise is one of the best stress reducers out there, so if you’re all stressed out, a 30 minute walk in the evenings could be all that is needed to begin feeling calmer. Stressed out women have more of a tendency to have mental health issues, since stress lessens our ability to deal with all the negative situations that life throws at us.

If you’re wondering if exercise is really worth the trouble, now I’m sure you know it is! The emotional exercise benefits alone make it worth the effort. Most women today have a lot on their plates, and while a daily workout is one more thing on the to-do list, it just might make you a happier, more self confident woman who’s ready for all that life has to offer.


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