The Toughest Home Cardio Workouts

Intense Home Cardio Workouts

As anyone who has ever exercised for any length of time knows, cardio workouts are not all alike. Some home cardio workouts are much more intense than others. While you don’t need to engage in a high impact, intense workout to get results, some people are ready to kick up their cardio. If that’s you, why not try some of the following intensive forms of home cardio workouts.

Three Super Tough Home Cardio Workouts

Interval Training:

Interval training can be a super-tough form of cardio, depending on the workout you choose. The longer the interval and the more intervals per workout, the more intense the exercise session. You can burn a lot of fat with a highly intense interval training workout. You don’t need a class or even a gym to get started with an intense interval workout. It can be done at home, without any special equipment. This makes interval training a great choice.

Jumping Rope:

It may sound like child’s play, but jumping rope is anything but easy. Jumping rope burns mega calories, and makes for one of the toughest of home cardio workouts. It’s cheap too! All you need is a good quality jump rope. Start slowly if you’re a beginner. Don’t be surprised if 5 or 10 minutes of jumping rope wears you out. Increase your workout in increments of just a couple of minutes at a time. You’ll also need to give yourself time to build those rope jumping skills. It’s not as easy as it looks!


Jumping on a trampoline, or rebounding, is another intense form of cardio. Like jumping rope, rebounding is very demanding, and you may need to start with 5-10 minutes, and slowly work your way up from there. This will vary according to your current fitness level. Rebounding is fun and easy to do, and you will see some great benefits from this intense workout. NASA actually uses rebounding when training astronauts to get ready for space, as well as when rehabilitating them upon their return.