How to Tone Abs Quickly


Pilates is a great way to work your muscles and tone abs quickly. Not only will your abs get a workout, Pilates focuses on the muscles surrounding the ab muscles. This is known as the core. By working all of these muscles together, you will achieve a natural muscle tone and build strength in your back. The best part is you usually only will need a mat and the knowlege of the moves. Bright Hub has many articles that allow you to learn Pilates moves for free on the Internet. Another great thing about Pilates is that it is terribly efficient, combining flexibility, aerobics and strength training all into one exercise.

Stability Ball

Another great way to build a strong core is to use a stability ball. Even just sitting on the stability ball in front of the television and trying to stay balanced on it challenges your core muscles. To tone abs quickly, try a basic crunch on the stability ball by propping the ball under your lower back, then performing your typical crunch. You will immediately begin to feel these muscles at work. The best part about the stability ball exercises is that there really us no way to cheat on the crunches. It’s just you and your abs out there, and the abs are forced to work correctly to get you through the crunch.

Weight Machines and Traditional Exercises

If you’re a traditionalist, you will probably want to hit the weight machines to work your abs or try out some home exercises. For the weight machines, find one with cables that allows you to wok your ab muscles at every angle. At home, try exercises such as The Plank, The Basic Crunch, The Bicycle, and The Double Crunch to tone abs quickly. We recommend that you check out our great articles about ab exercises that you can practice at home. Be sure to change up your ab exercise methods if the moves become too easy. Your ab muscles will fail to develop unless they are adequately challenged.

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