Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine Secrets

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Jennifer Lopez Workout Routine Success Secrets

Even though Jennifer Lopez said she gained roughly 50 pounds while pregnant with her twins, she was seen sporting a bikini just months after their birth in February 2008. She claims not to have been obsessive about losing the baby weight, but it’s likely the same sense of determination that helped her build a million-dollar entertainment empire made it possible to get her figure back so quickly. In fact, she completed a triathlon just about seven months after giving birth!

Typically, Jennifer Lopez exercises for 60 to 90 minutes each day. The Jennifer Lopez workout routine includes the following:

  • Dancing: If you’ve ever seen one of her music videos, you know that Jennifer Lopez loves to dance. In fact, she says dancing is her favorite form of exercise. Hip hop and jazz are her favorite styles. They burn lots of calories while you’re busy having fun.
  • Yoga: The life of a busy Hollywood superstar is certainly stressful, but yoga helps Jennifer Lopez workout her body as she de-stresses after a long day.
  • Cardio: If you’re at the gym, don’t spend 30 minutes on one machine. Take a cue from the Jennifer Lopez workout and mix it up to include five-minute intervals on the treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper, rowing machine and stationary bike.
  • Weight Training: Many women who are new to working out shy away from weight training, but Jennifer Lopez knows it’s the key to looking strong and sexy in any situation.

Jennifer Lopez is said to have worked with Gunnar Peterson. Trainer to stars such as Angelina Jolie, Matthew McConaughey, and Penelope Cruz as well as athletes from the NFL, NHL, and NBA, Gunnar Peterson reveals his celebrity workout fitness tips in the book G-Force: The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Body Ever.

The Jennifer Lopez Diet Plan

While many celebrities swear by obscure diet plans, Jennifer Lopez claims to eat everything in moderation. Portion control and a sensible approach to nutrition are how she says she keeps her million-dollar body in top shape, although she will occasionally limit her carbohydrate intake if she’s trying to drop a few pounds for a role. Overall, Jennifer is said to adhere to a diet of approximately 1,400 calories per day. Like many of Gunnar Peterson’s celebrity clients, she eats more protein early in the day–making breakfast her largest meal and dinner the smallest.