Fitness for Women in their 30's

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The years of your 30’s are the time to get serious about your fitness program. If you have not had one until now, there is no time like the present to begin. Up until now, you’ve been playing the stay fit forever game, meaning, you have likely had little trouble maintaining your weight, working off baby fat, or losing excess holiday weight.

The Ugly Truth About Metabolism in Your 30’s

No, in your 20’s, your metabolism is at its peak, and a beautiful peak that is, because you’ve been fairly successful at eating what you want, when you want, with little to no repercussions. But now you are 30 and that is all about to change. Yes, even the most fit woman in her 30’s needs to take extra measures to combat the battle of the bulge. If you want to stay fit, and look great in your 30’s, the bad news is you are going to have to work a little harder than you did a few years ago.

The good news? By laying the right groundwork now, fitness in your 40’s and fitness in your 50’s will be THAT much easier.

Combat Diseases With Regular Exercise

And getting fit is not only about looking and feeling great. The sooner you work exercise into a regular routine in your 30’s, the closer you are to combating fatal diseases like breast cancer and heart disease. Women that exercise regularly reduce their risk of breast cancer by almost 50%, and of heart disease by almost 15%.

Those are staggering statistics! Can you imagine that by starting today you will decrease your chances of breast cancer by 50%! If you haven’t worked out prior to your 30’s, the thought of starting now may be a little depressing. Fret not. Forego the myths and begin today. Take baby steps, you can do it.

How Integral Training Will Change Your Metabolism

In your 30’s, your stamina and energy levels are starting to decrease. Your capacity for aerobic exercise alone is down a little, and by the time you approach your 40’s, will be down by 6%. That is, unless you get your heart moving now. You can combat this by integral training, and integral training is all about those baby steps. Warm up with some walking for a few minutes, and sprint or run fast on the treadmill for only about 30 seconds.

Don’t go as ‘hard as you can’ but to 90% maximum energy. Walk again for about a minute and a half, and go back to your sprint for another 30 seconds. For a complete workout, conduct this integral cycle for approximately ten times. Integral training is great at rebooting your cardiovascular system in just that, intervals, and this practice will maintain those slowing levels of stamina and metabolism.

How To Ease Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a key complaint of women in their 30’s, and if you are pregnant during this time frame, your chances of developing back pain increase. This is due to muscular strength declining at this stage of your life, and to combat this you have to, you guessed it, train those back muscles to work for you and not against you.

If you don’t start now, this problem will only worsen as you age. Force your back muscles to work and exert the necessary energy to support you rather than relax you with declines in muscle performance. Small weights at the gym such as the rowing machine or fly machine will be very effective in this regard. Using cardiovascular equipment such as the rowing machine or cycle ergometer will be equally effective in strengthening your lower back.

Getting fit in your 30’s doesn’t have to be a drag. The sooner you start the sooner you will see the balancing effects of having more energy, more strength, and feeling better overall. Once you see these effects, it will be motivation enough to keep you fit into the decades to come.

Health in Your 30’s