Exercise with Baby: Try Stroller Fit, Exercise DVDs to Do at Home & More Ways to Get Fit With Your Baby

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Get Moving With Stroller Fit

For many new moms, getting back to their pre pregnancy fitness level is one of their goals. Trying to juggle your pre-baby responsibilities with the demands of a new baby can be exhausting at times. Getting back into shape is good for not only your body, but your mind as well.

One way to combine spending time with your little one and getting a workout is to exercise with your baby. An option to consider is Stroller Fit classes. Classes are offered throughout the United States. To locate a class in your area, visit the Stroller Fit website.

Grab a pair of sneakers and tuck your baby into his stroller and you’re ready to go. Although classes may differ somewhat depending on your location, most classes start with a slow warm-up and move into an aerobic workout. Classes usually incorporate walking, running and toning exercises such as lunges and squats. Many classes use resistance tubing to help tone muscles.

The Stroller Fit corporation accredits fitness instructors specifically to teach Stroller Fit classes. Since classes are specifically geared to new mothers, instructors know the trouble spots most new moms have, such as abdominal muscles. Each Stroller Fit class includes a core workout to help strengthen abdominal muscles.

One of the added benefits of attending a Stroller Fit class is getting to meet other new moms in the area. Going outside and getting fresh air is good for both you and your baby.

Workout with Baby at Home

When the weather is not cooperating, you can still exercise with your baby by doing a DVD made for new moms and their babies.

There are several types to choose from, including Pilates, aerobic and interval training DVD’s that incorporate your baby into the workout.

If you like dance, consider Mambo Moms. They recommend putting your baby in a front carrier to do the Latin dance moves taught in the DVD. The dance routine provides an aerobic workout for you and the movements keep baby entertained. The DVD finishes with a floor workout to tone troubled areas such as inner thighs and abdominals.

Another example of a mommy and baby workout DVD is Mommy Baby Body Builders. Many moms know lifting a baby all day long can be hard work. It can also help tone your muscles, especially if done correctly. In this workout, moms use their babies to add resistance to exercises that target the arms, legs and core muscles.

Remember to get your doctor’s approval to start an exercise program post partum. Start out slow and listen to your body. Regardless of the type of activity you choose, exercising with your baby is convenient and fun. Plus, you’ll never find a cuter fitness partner.


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