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Natural Cures for Insomnia

written by: Travis • edited by: Angela Atkinson • updated: 8/26/2010

Insomnia affects many people. However, there are natural, proven techniques to discovering how to quiet insomnia for good.

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    Natural Cures for Insomnia

    Insomnia affects many people and left untreated, can significantly impact our quality of life. As society increases our awareness on this issue, we learn many new techniques to control and eventually cure this condition. The challenge with trying to cure insomnia is that what works for one person may not always work for the other. This is why you should experiment, tweak and even create methods that work to naturally cure insomnia.


    The first thing that you will want to do is get your room as dark as it can possibly be. Our bodies are adapted to sleep with no light and wake up when there is light. Try to avoid having light in your sleeping area. Darken the room as much as you can and try to achieve complete darkness.

    Another approach to naturally cure insomnia is to try to make the sleeping environment as quiet as possible. You can use ear plugs to help you with this. Something that I like to do is turn a fan on that overpowers other sounds so that I’m hearing only white noise. I find it soothing, and I can’t sleep without one.


    You could also try different decaffeinated herbal teas. They are known for helping to reduce tension and relax the body. Speaking of tea, you should avoid having any caffeine before you go to sleep. This can keep your thoughts racing.

    Relaxing Activities

    You can also naturally cure insomnia by winding down before bed time. This could be something like reading before going to sleep or taking a shower. Isolate yourself from things like computers or television.

    Another great way to cure insomnia is to begin exercising. Try not to exercise before going to bed, but doing it earlier in the day will cause your body to crave going to sleep so that it can repair itself from the stress of exercise. This will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

    Perhaps the most important natural cure for insomnia is to try to quiet your mind. What keep most people up are stress, worries, and racing thoughts. You can try deep meditation, stress reducing techniques, slow breathing and even counting your breaths.

    The key to naturally curing insomnia is to experiment with your sleep habits. Try to be consistent by going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time each day. Try a technique one night and if it doesn’t work then try another one. Learn what helps and what doesn’t. Above all, stay aware and determined to quiet your insomnia for good. Good luck!