Benefits of Biotin

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Preventing Candida with Biotin

Candida is an annoying fungus that is otherwise known as “yeast,” and leads of the development of yeast infections in the mouth, vaginal canal, or anus. Recently, doctors have discovered that chronic yeast infections are sometimes caused by a biotin deficiency. While research has not been done on the cause and effect link between candida yeast infections and biotin, most doctors and researchers consider the link to be strong.

Individuals suffering from chronic yeast infections should consult with doctors, healthcare providers, or nutritionists. They may be able to alter diets or suggest a supplement containing the proper amount of biotin to resolve the problem. Read on to discover the many health benefits of biotin.

Biotin as an Energy Source

While we often hear of carbohydrates being essential in maintaining energy stores, biotin is also an important source of energy. Biotin is a critical component in the conversion of fatty acids and glucose into fuel - and in fact, a deficiency of this important vitamin can results in feelings of fatigue or exhaustion. In addition to biotin’s function on fatty acids and glucose, it can also metabolize certain amino acids and carbohydrates. This conversion produces enzymes that the body must use in order to function properly.

Hair Growth and Biotin

One of the most interesting new developments in the investigation of biotin is the claim that biotin is effective in promoting hair growth. Other claims suggest that while biotin does not demonstrate efficacy in promoting hair growth, it can substantially limit the amount of hair that is lost with age. While there is not enough evidence yet to substantiate either of these claims, ongoing research is continuing. There is currently one shampoo on the market made by the Jason company that is designed to help promote hair growth and prevent future hair loss, though at this time, evidence is only anecdotal.

Biotin Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Current evidence suggests that biotin can be effective in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics. This can be an especially important and useful benefit of biotin, as more and more instances of Type II Diabetes are developing around the world. A naturally occurring nutrient that aided in the management of diabetes could prevent further health care costs by preventing instances of hyperglycemia and diabetic comas. More research needs to be done, however, before biotin can be used as a prescriptive medication in the treatment of this dangerous condition.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of biotin include reducing muscle pain and preventing feelings of lethargy, among others. While biotin is not one of the more commonly discussed nutrients, it is still obviously one of the most important. The health benefits associated with biotin can have major impacts on the life and longevity of both young and old alike. By reducing some of the chronic health conditions associated with biotin deficiency, a healthier nation is achieved, thus preventing some of the burden currently placed on the health care system. Individuals who are interested in getting more biotin in their diets should consider consulting with a doctor or health care professional today.

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