Yoga as Treatment for Depression: Learn How Yoga Can Help Treat Depression Symptoms

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There are many ways all depression sufferers can ease their emotional suffering while helping their physical body and spiritual condition. One of the many benefits of yoga is to use it as a treatment for depression. While an in-person yoga class is always ideal to ensure correct poses and also receive support of a teacher and others in the class, this may not always be possible due to time and finances. There are also a number of DVDs and books on the market that have specific yogic remedies for depression.

This guide will review some popular yoga poses to do at home that will hopefully alleviate the symptoms of depression, while helping build physical strength and flexibility. Always do poses on a rug, carpeted area, or better yet – a yoga mat.

Corpse Pose

The Corpse pose is in no way as depressing at it may sound. This can be achieved by almost anyone regardless of physical condition. Simply lie flat on your back with your arms spread out at the side and legs slightly apart. Stretch out all the limbs while retaining the flat-on-your-back posture. Try to do this for several minutes. A low-lit or darkened room and soft music playing may also help make this a meditative experience. If it is too hard to lie flat on your back, consider folding a blanket or placing a pillow under either your head or lower back.

Sun Salutations

Sun salutations are also popular for building inner and outer strength and naturally helping depression. First, stand facing the direction of the sun with your feet together. Then hold the palms together at your heart, commonly referred to as prayer pose. Breathe in deeply and raise the arms, then slowly bend back as you raise your arms above your head. The exhale slowly and bend forward with your head touching the knees. Repeat for a couple of minutes, and you might soon feel as bright as the sun outside!

Other Methods

There are numerous methods you can use to combat depression without prescription drugs that often have negative side effects. In addition to yoga, try a number of herbal remedies for depression.


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