All Natural Treatments for Depression, Memory Loss and Migraines: Find Out How You Can Treat These Debilitating Ailments Naturally

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Migraines, depression, memory loss and dizziness afflict many different people in all walks of life. Sometimes stress can be a factor, other times hereditary disorders are to blame and some causes are unknown.

Migraines are the most excruciating of all headaches. You can experience severe pain, sensitivity to light, nausea and problems with your vision. You may obtain some relief by adding ginger and coriander to a steam humidifier or drops on a washcloth as well as rubbing one or more of these oils on the temples and forehead which can remove a migraine completely and rather quickly. Foods high in magnesium, cold water fish, onion and garlic can help significantly when eliminating migraines.

Clinical Research

Ginkgo Biloba is a spectacular herb that has so many pot properties that can enhance your brain’s ability to process and secure memory tasks. Antioxidants like: vitamin C, selenium, and beta carotene can prove to be quite powerful in this area when taken in combination. The Mayo Clinic has given Ginkgo a “B” based on all of its scientific data that has been collected and tests that have been concluded.

St. John’s Wort: According to ‘Amoryn’ (A depression information website), “The natural depression remedy supported by the strongest evidence is hyperforin-rich St. John’s Wort extract. Over 30 controlled clinical trials have shown that high-quality St. John’s Wort effectively relieves mild depression. In fact, studies comparing St. John’s Wort to prescription antidepressants (including Paxil® and Prozac®) have found that it works just as well as these drugs, but with fewer side effects. According to the research, a compound called hyperforin is responsible for the antidepressant effects of St. John’s Wort, and only St. John’s Wort extracts standardized to contain 3-5% hyperforin can effectively relieve depression.”

The L.A. Times reported the following in their health segments regarding St. John’s Wort: “Research: Clinical trials in the U.S. and Europe have shown St. John’s wort to be as effective as Prozac, Tofranil and other antidepressants in treating mild and moderate depression. In recent years, a couple of American studies have suggested that St. John’s wort is not effective in treating patients with major depression. But earlier this month, a well-designed German study published in the British Medical Journal showed that St. John’s wort was as effective as Paxil – with less frequent side effects – in treating patients with moderate to severe depression. The researchers are now looking at how effective the herb is at treating depression over the long term.”

Aromatherapy and Herbs

Essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, and sandalwood are said by some to provide relief from depression. The oils can be massaged into the skin or by putting drops into bathwater for a soothing release of therapeutic and medicinal qualities.

For memory problems specifically, proponebts of rosemary essential oil say it can awaken the neurotransmitters in your brain and promote optimal function. By putting droplets on a washcloth or smelling it right from the bottle you can stimulate your brain, they say.

There are also all natural, herbal remedies for depression that can ease away the signs and significantly turn around a tense or gloomy attitude, or state of mind, into a relaxed and calmed mind set.

• Pine

• St John’s wort

• Scotch broom

• Borage

• Wild rose

• Gorse


There are so many alternative methods out there that are all natural. Some have been tested and are backed by research whereas some have been used for centuries to treat specific problems without any studies being conducted as to why they work so well. These are merely a handful of treatments for migraines, depression and more.