How to Cope with Male Pattern Baldness Depression

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Male Pattern Baldness Depression: The Problem

The most common type of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness, where the hairline recedes and hair thins on the crown. It is caused by hormones, genetic predisposition and problems with the cells that make new hair. Male pattern baldness is not a disease and will not affect your health however it can be emotionally and psychologically quite distressing. Some women who are superficial may shy away from men because of their receding hairline (although others find it very attractive, particularly when the head is closely shaved) and society can joke, and make hurtful remarks and comments about hair loss.

For some the lack of hair leads to male pattern baldness depression, and a decrease in libido because of insecurities and anxiety issues. Sufferers may also have the appearance of premature aging, which can in turn lower their self-esteem and decrease their sense of self-confidence.

Although many men do take baldness in their stride for others the effects can be devastating.

How to Deal with Male Pattern Baldness Depression

Since “losing hair” is the root cause of the problem, some men try to beat their male pattern baldness depression by dealing with the hair loss.

  • Natural Hair Loss Treatment – such as using herbs to reduce hair loss, or by adopting a diet rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients to limit hair loss.
  • Surgical Hair Loss Treatment – If natural methods there are surgical intervention such as hair transplants.
  • Propecia for Male Pattern Baldness Treatment – There is also the option of oral prescription drug such as Propecia Finasteride. According to Merck, the company that makes the drug, 9 out of 10 men in a 5-year clinical study had visible results with Propecia.

In addition to treating the hair loss, men who go bald are encouraged to take care of themselves psychologically to avoid getting too depressed and stressed. Stress can contribute to hair loss and make the situation worse. Below are some self-help techniques that may facilitate your ability to de-stress and prevent or help you deal with male pattern baldness depression: -

  1. Exercising, or taking up a physical activity such a golfing, tennis, or swimming might help you feel good and make you relax. It does not have to be something strenuous, even simple things like jogging in the park, dancing classes, or even yoga can reduce your stress level tremendously.
  2. Sharing with a trusted friend or family member your worries so you do not feel so alone. They may shed a different light on your worries and give you some solutions on how to tackle the problem.
  3. Self-care – take up a hobby or set aside some time just for you. Do something you love each day. Perhaps it is painting or drawing or writing or creating something with your hands. These things will make you feel calm and take your mind off your worries.
  4. Volunteer – Regardless of whatever problems we face, doing something for others always helps puts things into perspective. It helps distracts us from our worries and also by helping others we feel good about ourselves, our self-esteem increases and we begin to value who we are as a whole person and not just our appearance.
  5. Male pattern baldness is not the end of the world and need not affect your dating chances. For example, here’s a list of bald and balding men who many consider to be attractive - Bruce Willis, U2 guitarist The Edge and Sean Connery. Learn to love your new look and walk out of the door with confidence.

NB: The content of this article is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace sound medical advice and opinion.


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