Activities for Teen Depression - How they Can Help to Reduce Teen Depression

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So how can activities reduce teen depression? When you participate in a variety of activities you are learning how to effectively cope with feelings of sadness and centering your attention on more productive activities. By combining a variety of activities for teen depression you can start feeling better about yourself and learn new skills.

The Importance of Physical Activity on the Production of Endorphins

When you are active, you are giving the body the physical activity it needs, but also helping to alleviate symptoms associated with depression. This is because when you get the heart rate up you instantly begin increasing the amount of endorphins within the body.

Endorphins are feel good chemicals that produce a feeling of euphoria. Often people who suffer from depression have a deficiency in the amount of brain chemicals known for producing endorphins. This is why it is essential for you to implement exercise and physical activity on a daily basis. In order to feel better and pull yourself out of feeling blue, physical activities are vital.

According to The PCPFS Research Digest, in the article, “The Influence of Exercise on Mental Health,” author Daniel M. Landers, states, “Exercise is related not only to a relief in symptoms of depression and anxiety but it also seems to be beneficial in enhancing self-esteem, producing more restful sleep, and helping people recover more quickly from psychosocial stressors.”

Maybe it’s playing a variety of physical sports that keeps you physically and mentally engaged? The main point is, to find any sport or physical activity that you enjoy doing. By doing activities you love, you are actively taking part in helping to treat your depression.

There are also a number of activities you can participate in on a regular basis that help quench your thirst for knowledge and natural curiosities. Maybe it’s learning how to play an instrument, or writing music. Whatever your interests are, you can find great fulfillment in pursuing a variety of hobbies.

Learn a New Hobby

By actively participating in a new hobby, you are not only developing important skills to help you become a more well rounded person, but you are also devoting time to follow your passions in life.

When you follow your passions in life, you help tame feelings of sadness within. When you feel sad or unmotivated it can be hard to motivate yourself to do things you enjoy doing; however, this is when you need to tell yourself that by participating in various activities you are effectively dealing with your depression.

According to the article, “The 4S’s of Adolescent Success", authors Michelle Gall and William Stixrud, cite information from Daniel Goleman, who states, “students who are anxious, angry, or depressed don’t learn; people caught in these states do not take in information efficiently or deal with it well.”

Gall and Stixrud then state that, “Emotional control equips teens with the resources they need to both prevent and cope with many of life’s daily challenges. Other important aspects of self-regulation include concentration, flexibility, and persistence.”

By taking control of the situation, you aren’t allowing depression to take control of your life. You are dealing with matters that need to be dealt with and not surrendering to your impulses. You are practicing self-control and making a conscious effort to change the way you feel. Moreover, it all starts with doing things you love most.

Join Different Groups at School

Interacting with people can also help to pull you out of your depression. Activities such as talking with others, sharing stories, talking about hobbies and finding people with common interests can help you with your depression.

By engaging in conversation and forming relationships with others, you are centering your attention on other important aspects in your life, as opposed to constantly thinking about your depression.

The more secluded you are, the more serious the depression can become. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the chatterbox of the group; sometimes just being around others is all you need to feel better. Having friends to talk to also helps alleviate symptoms of depression. Therefore, the next time a friend asks you to go somewhere, go.

Although depression is a mental condition that does strike many young teens, there are ways you can effectively cope with this disease. So how can activities reduce teen depression? By staying active and doing things you enjoy you can help alleviate the symptoms of depression. It also helps to talk with friends and to be around people with common interests and a positive outlook in life. By incorporating a variety of activities for teen depression, young women and men will take control of depressive symptoms and live a happier life.