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There are multiple costs associated with the care and management of pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers occur when a certain part of the skin becomes an open wound due to any type of pressure put on the area. Also known as pressure sores or bedsores, they are most common in the boney areas of the body. They can become quite serious if left untreated and require serious medical attention. When diagnosed and treated right away, you may be able to avoid a large medical expense.

The Treatment

The treatment of pressure ulcers includes relieving the pressure site, improving the patient’s conditions and lifestyle to help the sores heal, and also treating the open wound itself. The most costly of the treatments is the open wound treatment.

Bandages, ointments, and cleaners are needed for the pressure ulcers, and have to be changed every couple of hours. This means that a lot of ointments, cleaning agents, and bandages have to be used until the ulcer is completely healed. Powdering the sheets is also recommended to reduce friction of the sheets with the ulcer. The dressing that you use for the ulcer is a special one designed specifically for ulcers. The area should be kept free of dead skin at all times using salt water. Medicines can also be prescribed to reduce pain and heal the wound faster.

The Consequences

There are four main stages of pressure ulcers that can come about. If left untreated, a pressure ulcer can go from stage one to stage four in about a week or less. There are factors that increase your chances of getting pressure ulcers such as being in a wheelchair for the majority of the time, lying in bed for a long amount of time, or even incontinence. If you’re at an older age, pressure ulcers are more evident and are harder to prevent. The costs of preventing and curing pressure ulcers depend on the stage the ulcer is at, and whether or not you’re preventing or curing them.

Overall Pricing on the Care of Pressure Ulcers

The ultimate pricing on the costs associated with the care and management of pressure ulcers depends on how long the ulcers take to heal. Everyone heals at different rates, and some may require more medical attention than others depending on the age, body type, physical activity and skin type of the patient. Another factor that comes into play with pricing is also the extent of the pressure ulcer that is being taken care of.

The average cost of supplies needed for the care and maintenance of pressure ulcers comes to roughly $500 to $800 depending on whether or not you have health insurance. It also depends on the prices in nearby medical stores, or if you purchase the products from the doctor’s office.

The costs associated with the care and management of pressure ulcers can become expensive. Having adequate medical insurance can help keep the costs down. Finding medical stores with affordable prices also allows you to keep the prices down. Taking care of the pressure ulcers is inevitable. If they are not taken care of, they can become stage four, and possibly become heavily infected. This can cause the infection to spread throughout the body which may even cause death.


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