Treatments For Severe Hyperpigmentation

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It is very likely that you have thought about and seen many possible methods and procedures on how to treat severe hyperpigmentation if you suffer from the condition. Firstly, it is helpful to have a better knowledge of what it is and what causes it to have a better understanding of the disorder.

What is Severe Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a condition where patches of your skin become darker in color. Although it may appear to be uncomfortable like other skin allergies or disorder, it is a harmless condition and very treatable.

What Causes Severe Hyperpigmentation?

Severe hyperpigmentation happens when excess melanin forms deposits on the skin causing it to darken. Some known causes are:

  • After a skin condition has cleared up (acne)
  • Injuries to the skin
  • After effect of surgeries
  • Side-effects of certain medicine
  • Addision’s disease and Vitiligo

Severe hyperpigmentation is made worse by exposure to the sun. The dark patches usually appear on the areas of the body where sun exposure is frequent like the face, arms and hands. Severe hyperpigmentation can affect anyone of any skin color or race.

How to Treat Severe Hyperpigmentation?

It is fortunate that there are many available treatments for severe hyperpigmentation. If you suffer from severe hyperpigmentation, it is advisable to treat the underlying cause first so that your hyperpigmentation condition can be treated effectively. The following are detailed description for each treatment:


This method treats severe hyperpigmentation by primarily exfoliating your skin. Dead skin cells are removed along with the dark patches on your skin. Microdermabrasion furthermore helps in getting rid of minor scars and age spots on your skin leaving you with a healthy looking and radiant skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are one of the most popular treatments of severe hyperpigmentation. It helps in the treatment of the discoloration and restores your natural skin color on the areas affected. For severe hyperpigmenation, a deep peel containing phenol is most effective. It also gets rid of your black and white heads, discards dead skin and clear up your pores. You need to take a lot of care however during the recovery period when you choose this treatment.

Laser Treatment

This is one of the cosmetic procedures that is becoming popular in treating severe hyperpigmentation. The treatment targets the affected area of hyperpigmentation using an intense laser beam and destroys the excess pigmentation giving your skin a consistent tone all around.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

For the most severe of hyperpigmentation cases, laser skin resurfacing treatments are used. It is a more extreme procedure because in able to remove multiple layers of skin surface, the laser beams need to penetrate deeply into the skin. The recovery for such procedure takes longer than that of regular laser treatment. This procedure is also known as carbon dioxide resurfacing.