Nutrition Information for McDonald’s Chicken Selects: Is this Chicken Really Healthy for You?

Nutrition Information for McDonald’s Chicken Selects: Is this Chicken Really Healthy for You?
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McDonald’s chicken selects is one of the more popular chicken meals available today on the value menu of McDonald’s boards. The Selects come in a three and a five piece and can be bought separately or as part of a value menu. Nutrition information for McDonald’s chicken selects tends to be a bone of contention among those who buy them, but the information is readily available in several places, including here. Remember that this is only for the actual chicken, not the entire value meal.


For a three piece chicken select meal from McDonald’s, the calorie count is 400 calories for a 4.6 ounce serving size. For the five piece selects, this number is 660 calories. There is zero trans fat in either the three or the five piece select, but 24 grams of fat in the three piece and 40 in the five piece selects. As far as saturated fat, there are 3.5 grams in the three piece and 6 grams in the five pieces.


There is 23 grams of carbohydrates in the three piece chicken select, and 39 grams in the five pieces, for an 8 and 13 % of the daily recommended value respectively. Because chicken is such a good source of protein, the numbers here are quite high, with 23 grams for the three piece and 38 grams for the five piece selects.


The three piece chicken select box from McDonald’s has 1010 milligrams of sodium in them, where the five piece

McDonald’s Chicken Select

selects has 1680 milligrams of sodium. That makes up 42 percent of the daily recommended value for the three piece and 70 percent for the five pieces. 50 milligrams of cholesterol are found in the three piece selects, while 85 milligrams of cholesterol is in the five pieces, a 17 and 29 percent daily recommended value respectively.


The chicken selects from McDonald’s offer both calcium and iron in their makeup. A three piece chicken select offers 2 percent of the daily value of calcium and 4 percent the daily recommended value of iron. The five piece brings in 4 percent of the calcium recommendation and 8 percent iron.


McDonald’s Chicken Select

Nutrition information for McDonald’s chicken selects is not hidden, and this information can be found in a number of places. The three and five piece selects offer very different nutritional information, and it is important to know this information when making an informed decision about any meal, not just those at McDonald’s. Taking everything into account can help you keep on track whether you count calories, fat or carbohydrates in your daily diet plan.

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