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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the United States. This popular sports bar has been serving restaurant lovers chicken wings New York style for over 20 years, since 1982.In recent times their drive to make customers aware of the nutrition facts about their meals has increased their popularity, since more Americans are becoming concerned about good nutrition and healthy eating.

Buffalo Wings

Chicken wings are favorite snacks among many people. However, it is usually eaten as a pleasurable snack. Nutritionists usually recommend chicken breast, which is all white meat, as the part of the chicken to be eaten if a person is counting calories and trying to eat healthy. Buffalo Wings nutrition facts are proving there is good nutrition in the wings that they prepare. According to their nutrition facts, 1 serving of 3 Buffalo wings contains only 150 calories. Total fat is 10g, cholesterol 90 mgs, carbs 2gms, protein 14gms and sodium 900mgs. Their percentage daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Buffalo wings also serve boneless chicken wings with sauce. They claim that a serving size of one of these wings holds 88 calories, 6gms of fat, 3gms of carbs and 5 gms of protein. When you look at these nutrition facts, If you are serious about eating healthy you should chose the boneless wings. The boneless wings are made with chicken breast, so there is not a lot of extra fat. Their honey barbecue wings in a serving size of one contains 72 calories, 5 gms of fat,0 carbs and 6gms of protein, while a serving size of eight of their honey barbecue boneless wings contains 704 calories,48 gyms of fat, 24 gms of carbs and 40 gms of protein.The best choice would probably be their naked chicken tenders which contain no batter. These are said to contain in a serving size of six, 260 calories, 12 gms of fat, 34 gms of carbs and 10 gms of protein.

Diverse Menu

Buffalo Wild Wings also serves, potato wedges, burgers, salads, chips, onion rings, pulled pork sandwiches, wraps and much more. You can find nutrition facts posted for every meal on their menu. If you observe Buffalo Wild Wings nutrition facts for the wraps, sandwiches, honey barbecue wings and onion rings for example, you will observe that they contain much more calories than the regular wings.

It is in your interest if you choose to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings; first, to make your visits as a treat only, and continue to prepare your healthy meals at home. When you do choose to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, you have the option to look at the facts and choose side salads instead of French fries, to accompany your wings. Have smaller servings of regular wings with the flavored sauce which is already on them. Avoid sauces and dips, and salad dressings like the blue ranch. You have an idea of how many calories you need for your daily diet. So it’s all about choosing wisely, and fortunately now, there is the opportunity to know what nutrients your restaurant meals contain.


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