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Wendy’s nutrition facts came about when founder Dave Thomas (1932-2002) opened his first Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers Restaurant in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. His immediate goal was to serve the freshest of ingredients in a homey, friendly, clean atmosphere and to make his nutritious meals the way the individual customers wanted them.

He fondly told the story that his grandmother taught him to do the right things, to treat people well, and to always insist on quality and service. That ideal followed him throughout his career with Wendy’s including the 13 years that he appeared in over 600 commercials with his father-like personality and telling how special Wendy’s is.

Wendy’s has always used the logo, “Quality is Our Recipe”, and they have gone out of their way to insist that their various items live up to that promise and are prepared in a nutritious way.

Ground beef

Wendy’s hamburgers are made from fresh beef that is never frozen. They are served hot off the grill and are never put into a warming drawer. Some of that same beef is also used in their famous chili.

Have you ever wondered why the Wendy’s hamburger is square? Because Dave would always say, “At Wendy’s, we don’t cut corners”!!


Minced or scrap chicken is never used. Only slices of tender hand sliced center-cut 100% breast of the chicken are used in the sandwiches, wraps, and boneless wings. A good choice is the Grilled Chicken Salad over greens, which has only 190 calories.

French fries

The fries are cooked in vegetable oil with zero grams of trans fat. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are not used because health authorities have stated that these oils have increased the risk of coronary heart disease.

Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin orange slices are added to a number of Wendy’s items because they are not only delicious, but they also are a fat free food and are a good source of Vitamin C.


The variety of fresh ingredients on the salad bar are all cut by hand and are not purchased bagged. The Marzetti premium salad dressings are all natural with no preservatives, and there are several fat-free choices that lower the calorie count.

A side salad without dressing has only 60 calories. A Caesar side salad with no dressing has only 110 calories. The Deluxe Garden Salad also has only 110 calories.

Meals Under 510 Calories

Suggested meals include:

* Junior Hamburger Deluxe with no mayonnaise but with a Side Salad and fat-free dressing

* Ultimate Chicken Grill with a Side Salad and fat-free French dressing

* Small Chili with a plain Baked Potato

* Large Chili with a Side Salad and fat-free dressing


You can have a Junior Vanilla Frosty (a good calcium source) without pangs of guilt.


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