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An Overview of the Taco Bell Diet

written by: vrodbaz • edited by: lrohner • updated: 7/1/2011

While the Taco Bell diet sounds like a dream come true for most dieters, it is important to know all the facts.

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    Low Fat Choices

    The problem with most fast food menus is that over 90% of the food choices are high in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, calories and sodium. However, Taco Bell has come up with the Taco Bell diet, a new way to ensure that they include healthier foods on their menus. Many of these healthier fast food options use many of the same ingredients, as the higher fat options; however, they either use fewer ingredients or provide an alternative condiment that is lower in fat and calories.

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    What Makes Taco Bell Different than Other Fast Food Menus

    The Taco Bell diet consists of eating food items found on the chain's Fresco Menu. These food items are lower in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories than other items on the menu. What makes these menu items different, is they do not include cheese, sour cream, and other high fat condiments and sauces.

    Instead Taco Bell has replaced these high fat condiments with salsa that is packed with flavor. By simply replacing the cheese, sour cream, and high fat condiments, a taco can go from having 12 total fat grams to 7 total fat grams. Although that might not seem like much, if you eat more than one taco, that is a savings of 10 total fat grams.

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    What the Experts Say

    While some experts state that the Taco Bell diet is a good alternative for fast food choices, other experts state that even though the lighter items are lower in fat, they still contain high amounts of sodium. While this is true, other experts state that it is up to the individual to eat lower sodium meals throughout the day, so there is a balance of how much total sodium is consumed.

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    The Problem with the Taco Bell Diet

    Taco Bell advertises commercials about a woman, their spokesperson, who was able to lose over 50 lbs by following the Taco Bell diet. The chain, however, states that her results are not typical or what the average person should expect after following the diet. These commercials mislead consumers into thinking that it is possible to lose a lot of weight on the Taco Bell diet; the only problem is that while it is possible, it is highly unlikely.

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    How to Utilize the Taco Bell Diet

    Food from Taco Bell, even food off of their Fresco Menu, should be eaten sparingly and should not make up the bulk of a person's diet. In order to lose weight and maintain weight loss, there needs to be variety. Eating the same foods day after day is not healthy, nor will it provide all the nutrients and vitamins the body needs to be healthy.

    If you want to lose weight and keep it off, the Taco Bell diet can be a great way to add a few healthier fast food items to your day when you are on the go. However, your diet shouldn’t consist of just Taco Bell, nor should you expect to lose more than a few pounds. Of course these results are dependant upon what other foods you include in your diet as well as whether or not you exercise.


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