Oxygen Therapy for Pneumothorax

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Oxygen therapy for pneumothorax has often been utilized as an effective medical treatment. Pneumothorax has to do with the gathering of gases within the pleural space after a collapsed lung has occurred. A tension pneumothorax is a dangerous and often fatal condition caused by air within the pleural space that is beneath compression. Mediastinal structures are usually displaced and cardiopulmonary function is compromised. A dull, blunt, or piercing injury that disturbs the parietal or visceral pleura tends to cause a pneumothorax. Undeniably, the frequency of a pneumothorax and a tension pneumothorax in hospitals within the United States has escalated within intensive care units.

Pneumothorax and Treatment

The idea behind pneumothorax treatment is to eliminate the air surrounding the pleural space, which would permit the expansion of the lungs. This treatment would be influenced by the reason and extent of the pneumothorax. A slight and spontaneous primary pneumothorax typically involves no action. Most often, it does not generate severe breathing difficulties. Most circumstances of more serious pneumothorax require a hospital visit. A needle and syringe might be utilized to draw the air out of minor pneumothorax.

If the pneumothorax is big and a patient is experiencing breathing problems, a tube to the chest is implanted within the wall of the chest cavity. This tube is linked to a regulator that will allow air to flow out of the chest wall and will let the air trickle back in. When the air has been eliminated, the expansion of the lung can begin again. A tension pneumothorax is a severe and fatal disorder. A needle and syringe is required to rapidly express the air. Then, a chest tube can be embedded to continue pulling the air out. A patient’s blood oxygen levels and heart and breathing rates should be observed by a medical staff with any of pneumothorax treatment.

Individuals who encounter chronic pneumothorax might require a surgery to close the pleural space to prevent air from collecting there. For those who experience a pneumothorax that does not getting any better or a recurring pneumothorax on the same side, surgery should be implemented to eradicate the source of the problem.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is necessary for respiratory failure in most circumstances such as chronic bronchitis, severe asthma, pneumonia, and in some cases patients suffering from a pneumothorax. Oxygen therapy for pneumothorax might be administered in high or low concentration depending on the circumstance. In serious lung disorders like pneumonia, tension pneumothorax, or acute severe asthma a larger concentration of oxygen should be administered.

Goals of Oxygen Therapy

The objective is to increase alveolar tension in order to lessen the effort of breathing and the exertion of myocardium. Oxygen must be utilized similar to that of a drug and its dosage should be tailored to the individuals needs.


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