What Increases Vaginal Discharge? Possible Causes from STD's to Natural Hormone Changes

What Increases Vaginal Discharge? Possible Causes from STD's to Natural Hormone Changes
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Increase in Regular Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a part of life for all women, but many women wonder what increases vaginal discharge. During your monthly cycle, the amount and type of vaginal discharge that you may have will vary. Some women get very little discharge and barely notice the change. Other women may experience a significant, noticeable increase in discharge at certain points in the month. If your vaginal discharge is watery and clear, clear and sticky or slightly white and pain free there is no reason to be alarmed by this discharge. Watery discharge occurs at many different points in the female cycle. Seeing a stretchy discharge in your panties or when you use the bathroom simply means that you are ovulating and should be no cause for concern. Even seeing an increase in white discharge can be normal near the end of your cycle. As long as the white discharge does not smell or cause you any itching or pain you are in the clear. If you are suffering from a lack of estrogen and your doctor puts you on a medication to help you with this issue, you will likely see an increase in clear discharge. This is a good thing as having some vaginal discharge is normal. Normal discharge helps to prevent vaginal dryness.

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Increased Abnormal, White Discharge

If you are experiencing an increased amount of white discharge that is itchy or smells, you should make an appointment to see your gynecologist. These factors are classic signs of a yeast infection. While some women may choose to treat a yeast infection with over the counter drug store creams, it is important to confirm your yeast infection with a doctor, especially if it is your first time experiencing these symptoms. A doctor can also prescribe an oral pill to cure your yeast infection if you are uncomfortable using a suppository cream. Another reason that you should see your gynecologist if you are experiencing increased, odorous white discharge is that it could be bacterial vaginosis. Many women assume that all itchy white discharge is caused by a yeast infection, but actually bacterial vaginosis is a very common problem. Bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease, but does need to be cured by using a special antibiotic gel that only your lady doctor can prescribe. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when the balance of friendly bacteria and bad bacteria in the vagina is thrown off. This can happen due to a lot of sexual activity or douching.

Yellow Discharge

If you are wondering what increases vaginal discharge because you have been dealing with an excessive amount of discharge that is yellow or even slightly green in color, this can be the sign of a sexually transmitted disease. This type of abnormal discharge also tends to have a putrid odor to it. It is very vital to get to a gynecologist as soon as possible if you are experiencing this type of increased discharge, especially if you have recently had unprotected sex. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis are three common STDs that can cause increased yellow and smelly discharge. There are oral antibiotics available to cure all three diseases that your doctor can prescribe. Do not avoid going to the doctor due to embarrassment. It can be bad for your long-term health to leave an STD untreated. Untreated STDs can lead to fertility issues and pelvic inflammatory disease. Always use condoms during sex to prevent these types of infections.


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