Chinese Medicine Treatment of Prostate Cancer

What is Prostate Cancer?

The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system. It is second only to lung cancer in diseases that men get. Most prostate cancer victims are over 65 years of age. Some cancer cells are slow growing and doctors are hesitant to operate on elderly and frail patients. Other times, cancer cells grow faster and surgery is performed. Removal of the prostate can badly affect a man’s ability to have sex, so surgery is not usually desirable, as far as the patient is concerned. But there are all natural methods available such as Chinese medicine treatment of prostate cancer. These herbal treatments are much better than surgery and have no side effects.

What are the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

Most victims of prostate cancer notice very few symptoms. Erectile dysfunction and frequent urination are the main warning signs. The cancer is usually well advanced by the time it is detected. Men who get yearly physicals find that their prostate cancer is more treatable, due to the early stage at which it is discovered.

Natural Chinese Medicine Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Hormone therapy is a preferred treatment for men with prostate cancer. The cancer feeds on testosterone so using Chinese herbs to cut the testosterone back or counteract it is the best way to starve the cancer cells and cause the tumor to shrink. This is called anti-androgen therapy.

Among the Chinese medicine for prostate cancer ingredients that have shown to be effective in the fight against prostate cancer are Huang Qi, Yin Yang Ho, Wu Wei Zi, Nu Zhen Zi, Fu Pen Zi, Tu Si Zi, Bu Gu Zhi, Jin Yin Zi and Ba Ji Tian. These nine herbs, in the right combination have been used in tea that tends to reduce the testosterone and slow the growth of prostate cancer. Herbs are a much better treatment than surgery, especially in the elderly.

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