There are New Treatments for Impotence Caused by Prostate Cancer

There are New Treatments for Impotence Caused by Prostate Cancer
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Impotence Caused by Prostate Cancer

A very common side effect of prostate cancer and its treatment is impotence. Prostate cancer treatments put men at risk of impotence and there is no way to determine who could be affected or for how long the effects may last. The good news is that there are many new treatments for impotence caused by prostate cancer. Many of these new treatments work faster, better and without as many side effects as current treatments.

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is the most controversial new treatment being considered for treatment of importance. Gene therapy is not approved by the FDA. It will need FDA approval and public acceptance before it can be viewed as a viable treatment for impotence caused by prostate cancer.

Gene therapy is the act of transplanting genes that would produce proteins that may not be being produced or functioning properly in the man’s penis. The replacement of these proteins hopefully improves erectile function. Studies have shown gene therapy to be effective when used in animals. Trials in humans are underway and after a two year follow up men who participated in gene therapy were shown to have no unusual side effects. A survey of urologists treating impotence discovered 50 percent of them would consider using gene therapy to treat the condition.


Uprima is a drug that comes in tablet form and dissolves under the tongue. It is also being tested as a nasal spray. It works by stimulating the chemical in the brain called dopamine which is responsible for heightening the sexual interests and sexual sensations. Its approval is currently on hold due to an unusual side effect of people fainting after taking the drug.


Avanafil is a new drug being developed to treat erectile dysfunction. It works much like Viagra except it is able to be taken more than once a day. This is a benefit for those who want to have sex multiple times a day. It is currently still undergoing clinical trials but looks very promising that it is on its way to being approved for use.

Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

It is a new trend for many patients to turn to acupuncture or herbal treatment for impotence but it has not been found to be effective for treatment of impotence caused by prostate cancer or cancer treatments. These methods of treatment are intended for patient’s who have a psychological determent to achieving erections, not actual physical problems.


Treatment for impotence has certainly advanced in the past few years. It used to be common that patients had to resort to penile implants, pumps and a limited choice of drugs to choose from for their treatment. New drugs and new treatments for impotence caused by prostate cancer are being researched and discovered every day.


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