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Best Treatment Centers for Prostate Cancer

written by: Ms Lisa • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 2/10/2011

The best prostate cancer treatment centers available are the ones that can treat prostate cancer and offer a person hope as they fight to get the best possible care that is available today. Let us take a look at several cancer centers and what type of treatment that they have to offer.

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    How Will I Go About Finding the Best Treatment Center?

    After a person is diagnosed with prostate cancer, they will want to know where the best prostate cancer treatment centers are and what makes them the best centers to go to for treatment. One of the best resources to find a treatment center will be to ask your physician if they can recommend one or have them recommend you to a urologist who can better guide you in that direction.

    A urologist may want to examine the person so they can see what stage the cancer is in and what the condition of the person may be in before making such a recommendation. There are several treatments and clinical studies available, so this may be a contributing factor of what treatment centers would be the best one to treat the person seeking help with this type of cancer.

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    What Treatment Centers Are Available and Where Are They Located?

    The person that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer will of course have the final say so on where to go for treatment. A deciding factor may be the location, cost, and type of treatment that has been recommended by the person’s physician or urologist. A doctor is the one who would be the best to make a specific recommendation, however here is a list of some of the treatment centers and what each one has to offer.

    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center – This treatment center is located in Houston, Texas. This facility is one of the best in the nation because they offer a precise form of radiation treatment called proton therapy. MD Anderson has been treating prostate cancer since the year 2006 and has treated nearly 1,000 men with this type of treatment.

    New York Prostate Institute - This institute is now centered at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. This treatment center offers several types of treatments. They offer internal radiation, also known as brachytherapy, and external beam radiation. Hormone therapy and radical prostatectomy treatments are also available at this location.

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – This center is located in Los Angeles, CA. The Urology Center offers robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy, transurethral electro resection of the prostate, and intensity modulated radiation therapy. Support groups and support services are also available at this medical center.

    H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute South Tampa Center for Advanced Healthcare - This institute offers the pelvic lymphadenectomy, radical prostatectomy, retropubic prostatectomy, perineal prostatectomy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, cryosurgery, chemotherapy, biologic therapy, and high-intensity focused ultrasound.

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    On a Special Note:

    To determine the best prostate cancer treatment centers available, it is always best to consult with your doctor or urologist. This list is but only a small fraction of cancer centers that treat this type of cancer. Other centers may be located at the National Cancer Institute website. At their website you can find several locations that offer clinical trials for prostate cancer.

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