Discomfort in Pregnancy: Natural Remedies for Common Pregnancy Woes

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Is Your Pregnancy Bothering You?

Pregnancy seems like a miracle to most people but who would know it better than the mom-to-be who has to bear the brunt of hormones and put up with heartburn, back pain, swollen feet, stretch marks and varicose veins. The irritation and discomfort can mar the excitement of having a new member in the family. No, you don’t have to pop cupfuls of medications to ease these extremely common pregnancy-related ailments but you don’t have to put up with the pain either! There are ways to help you combat these joy-dampers safely, effectively and naturally at home.

Fatigue and Back Ache

Don’t forget that your back and legs are now carrying a whole lot of extra weight that they are accustomed to and this can frequently lead to body-pains and dwindling energy levels. Charge up with short power naps during the day to give your body adequate time to rejuvenate and cope up with the stress. As you lie down, keep your feet raised (rest them on a thick pillow or bolster) to ease the pressure from your feet.

Take some time out for aerobic activities like swimming and walking to enhance blood circulation to your limbs – this will also make your labor less laborious. Don’t stand still for long periods at a stretch and even if you must, keep your feet spaced apart to distribute your body weight evenly. Keep your sitting posture erect and give proper support to your lower back. If your work requires you to sit for long hours, keep a low stool or a footrest under your feet.

Swollen Feet

We know how it feels when your favorite shoes don’t fit. Getting back into them is easier than you think – soak your feet in hot and cold water for about three minutes each alternating between the two about six to ten times. Warm water improves blood flow and the cold water constricts the blood vessels thus pushing the blood away from your feet. This will relieve any aches and water-retention. Remember to rest your feet on a raised platform several times a day.

Acidity and Heartburn

The growing fetus exerts pressure on the abdominal muscles and the hormones too relax the valve that keeps stomach acids from refluxing. Due to this, most pregnant women experience nausea, heartburn and gastric discomfort. Follow these simple tips to keep unpleasant symptoms at bay:

  • Eat small frequent meals instead of large portions.

  • Avoid very spicy or oily foods, citrus juices, peppermint, coffee, smoking and alcohol.

  • Nibble or dried ginger root or sip on ginger tea when you feel nauseous and giddy. Chamomile tea works just as well.

  • Almonds also help keep acid reflux under check.

  • Avoid bending over at your waist – squat or kneel down instead.

  • Maintain your weight within the ideal limits as obesity will only worsen the symptoms.

  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes around the abdomen.

Varicose Veins

Unsightly varicose veins result from all the extra blood that your body is manufacturing to nourish the baby. Maternity support pantyhose available at most maternity stores can help to a large extent. Cold compressions or distilled witch hazel spiked up with essential oils like cypress, lemon and bergamot also constrict the swollen vessels and keep them at bay.


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