How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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Pregnancy, weight gain, and hormonal changes can result in stretch marks. These deep marks in your skin can vary in size, texture, and coloring. There are numerous skin potions, creams, and capsules that are marketed towards getting rid of stretch marks. Many times these creams do not heal your stretch marks.

Many times we exercise our bodies with rigorous external exercise. Often, we overlook our largest organ—the skin. You can exercise your skin through dry skin brushing. This technique only requires time and consistency. You will need the proper skin brush. Avoid plastic or synthetic brushes at all costs. These unnatural bristles will scratch your skin and pull on in it, in an undesirable fashion.

Instead use a natural bristle brush on dry skin before you shower or bathe. Rub in circular motions towards the heart. If your skin is loose in this area, hold it taut while you gently brush. After your shower and dry skin brushing, treat your skin to natural oils. Frankincense oil helps get rid of stretch marks. Frankincense has a pleasant fragrance and should be gently massaged into any area of the body that has stretch marks. Continue dry skin brushing your stretch marks. You can dry skin brush before every shower or bath. Think of this just like exercising your skin. Your goal is to get your skin in the best shape possible through dry skin brushing and applying healing oils.

Supplements can help your body repair your skin from the inside out. Vitamin K can be found naturally in natural cheese and deep green leafy vegetables. You can add a few extra servings into your daily meals. A short cut around eating tons of these vegetables is to juice your vegetables, take vitamin K supplements or use a vitamin K cream.

Collagen capsules and liquid supplements help to repair your skin, bone, and body tissues. Collagen can be purchased inexpensively or you can consume dark green vegetables and soy products. Omega three and sulfur rich foods help your body to produce its own natural collagen. Examples of these foods are salmon and black olives.

Eating a diet rich in dark leafy green vegetables, taking collagen and vitamin k supplements, and daily dry skin brushing are important. Taking these actions up as part of your daily regimen is the key. Consistent use of the above mentioned techniques and supplements will help your body repair the damage and get rid of stretch marks.


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