Three Natural Cures for the Nasty Nausea of Morning Sickness

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Studies have shown that more than half of women who are pregnant experience the nasty effects of nausea, combined with vomiting, during the first few months of pregnancy. This nausea is called morning sickness, and it can last anywhere from the first three months of pregnancy to the last month. The term ‘morning sickness’ is a misnomer as this type of sickness can occur at any time of day. It may be most noticeable in the morning, which is the reason why it is often referred to as morning sickness.

It can often seem like there are no cures for morning sickness, at least none that are safe for the baby. There are such things as natural remedies for morning sickness, and although each and every one of the home remedies for morning sickness may not work for every woman they are very simple and worth a try. If something doesn’t work for you, move on to something else until you find something that works.

Change Your Diet

One of the home remedies for morning sickness that employ simple common sense is this: change what you eat and the way that you eat it. Morning sickness is tied to the digestive system, as the presence of a child in the womb upsets the body’s natural balance. Home remedies for morning sickness should strive to restore that balance and alleviate the discomfort.

Fatty foods or fried foods may trigger nausea, so it is important to leave them out of your diet at all costs. This includes anything greasy or high in fat, and although it may be more tempting than ever to indulge on those things you know you shouldn’t be eating there is more at risk than your waistline when you’re pregnant.

It may also help to eat more frequently throughout the day, and in smaller portions. Never allowing yourself to get quite hungry or full enough to notice is a good way to help curb the nausea that is so often a precursor to morning sickness. The healthier the snack, the better!

While they don’t calm those infamous pregnancy cravings much, bland foods like plain bread or toast or even crackers can often help to calm morning sickness. One of the most reliable natural remedies for morning sickness is to nibble on something like this before you get up for the day. Have a few handy by the bed and take a few bites before starting your day in order to lessen the effects of morning sickness on your body.


Ginger is another one of the great natural remedies for morning sickness. As far as home remedies for morning sickness are concerned, even the Food and Drug Administration says that this one is safe, although it does not specifically endorse or recommend it.

Ginger has been in use by doctors, midwives, and holistic professionals as a natural remedy for morning sickness for a long time. There are even clinical trials that take a look into the effects of ginger on morning sickness, and these studies show that half a teaspoon of ginger taken four times a day can calm that incessant nausea. This may be best used to make hot ginger tea, as plain ginger may serve as a trigger for nausea in pregnant women.


While it is not nearly as touted as ginger for its effects on pregnant women experiencing morning sickness, another one of the more popular home remedies for morning sickness out there is peppermint. A woman doesn’t have to eat peppermint in order for it to help calm her nausea, and peppermint essential oil will do just fine. Fill a large bowl with warm water and put a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil into the water. It is rather strong and should diffuse pretty quickly. Put it on a table or the floor near your bed and let the scent fill the room; this should calm the nausea. If this works the first time, it may help to look into an essential oil diffuser for your peppermint oil to help with the morning sickness.

Natural remedies for morning sickness are always the best idea. Many pregnant women are wary of using prescription medications for morning sickness, and rightfully so as anything like that has the risk of harming the fetus. Try some of these home remedies for morning sickness and talk to your doctor if the frequent nausea persists.


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