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Volleyball Drills for Beginning Players

written by: Precious Silva • edited by: Stephanie Mojica • updated: 6/18/2010

Volleyball is easy to learn. However, beginners still have to work on proper handling. This article provides a look at some volleyball drills for beginning players.

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    Beginners in volleyball have to prioritize learning ball control. Since the game revolves around ball handling and scoring is done through ball control, it is the foremost skill that all beginners should learn. In order to get familiar with such skills it is important for a person to practice some volleyball drills for beginning players. These drills are essential because although a person is a hard hitter, it will be futile if it lands outside the court.

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    Volleyball Drills

    Drills intended for beginners emphasize the value of repetition. In order for the person to properly learn ball control, he should practice handling it over and over again. The drills help the individual learn hand-eye coordination and how to get the ball across the net and land on the intended area. There are several different types of drills all intended to help develop different aspects of ball control.

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    Toss and Pass

    This drill is done between two players. The toss is done by pushing the ball up in the air using a person’s hands. There is a proper way of doing the toss and usually trainers and other experienced individuals will have to teach the beginner before proceeding with this drill. The pass, on the other hand, is simply returning the ball using the elbows. Together, the two players engage in rally, passing and tossing the ball to each other. This drill is done in several successions. Afterwards, the two players switch positions. Tossing and passing are essentials for the team’s offense so players should learn well how to do it.

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    Wall Hitting

    There are three things essential to this drill: player, wall and a ball. The player stands before the wall and tosses it first before hitting it over to the wall’s surface. The player has to return the ball back again to the wall. This drill helps the individual learn proper arm swing technique. It also helps the person realize the effect on the ball when different amounts of force are exerted. Basically, a person can practice nearly every ball hitting skill. The wall is a good opponent and the drill can be done almost anywhere even without another person.

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    Wall Blocks

    As the name of the drill implies, wall blocks help a person learn how to block ball without touching the net. In wall blocks, the player stands in front of wall repeatedly jumping and executing the blocking position. The goal in this drill is for the person to touch a spot on the wall while in blocking position. The catch is that the player needs to touch the spot without brushing her arms and hands on the wall’s surface before the intended point.

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    1 on 1 Setting Drill

    This is also done between two players. Each player has to set the ball while returning it over the net to the other player. The goal is to maintain the rally. This drill helps the individual learn proper setting and returning.

    The volleyball drills for beginning players mentioned are just some of the ways a person can get acquainted with ball control in volleyball. It may also be wise to ask for an experienced player to help out in the drills. More importantly, ball control is learned through sufficient practice

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