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Whether you're an outdoor sports buff or a novice find articles, tips and techniques to keep you safe and active on the trails, in the water or biking across country. Here you'll find articles on hiking, cross-country skiing, rock climbing and all your other favorite outdoor activites. You'll also find out essential safety information, advice on dressing for the weather and more - written by sports pros and outdoor enthusiasts.

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  • Get Fit for Backpacking
    Backpacking can be a thrilling change of pace from your everyday life. But putting one foot in front of the other for miles at a time with a heavy pack on your back can be harder than you might think.
  • The Fitness Movements Used in Downhill Skiing
    The main body movements in downhill skiing, if done correctly, can lead to weight loss, increased muscle tone and lower body strength, and overall aerobic conditioning. Much like yoga poses, downhill skiing moves increase balance, flexibility, and coordination.
  • List of Softball Throwing Drills
    make the time to incorporate this list of softball throwing drills into your daily practice schedule. Not only will it help a player's performance, but it will benefit the overall performance of the whole team.
  • Arm Throwing Exercises for Baseball Players
    If players would incorporate arm throwing exercises for baseball players into their daily practice time, fewer players would become injured. The primary function of the rotator cuff muscle group is to stabilize the shoulder region. Good rotator cuff muscle exercises are a must for baseball players.
  • List of Kick Drills in Swimming
    A person should develop a certain set of skills in order to swim well. One of these includes kicking. Read on to learn different kick drills in swimming.
  • List of Baseball Hitting Drills
    This article provides some hitting drills for the aspiring baseball player. Enjoy and benefit!
  • How to Play Handball
    When I was a kid I used to watch kids play handball against the wall of our school but I never played and never thought about the health benefits involved with this fast paced game. Read on to learn how to play handball by yourself or with up to three other friends.
  • How to Cross Train With Cross Country Skiing
    Cross train with cross country skiing for an aerobic boost and excellent overall workout. Cross country skiing can enhance your running, swimming, or any sport. Discover how to incorporate this into your life safely.
  • Exercises to Relieve Golf Elbow Symptoms
    Golfers can use certain exercises to relieve golf elbow symptoms. The exercises are simple and can be done almost anywhere. In this article, you will learn what exercises you can perform to relieve the symptoms of golf elbow.
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