A List of Individual Soccer Drills for Fun and Practice

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As with many sports, practice makes perfect and if you’re looking to improve your individual performance on the field, here are four effective soccer drills to work into your routine.

Wall Kicks

Wall kicks are some of the primary drills for improving basic kicking and stopping skills. The basic premise behind this drill is to kick the soccer ball against a wall so that it will rebound back to you. In addition to kicking the ball, one will also need to alternate between left and right feet and practice on kicking with the instep of each foot. Using colored tape on the wall as a target is an effective means of working with accuracy in your kick. Remember to also practice on stopping the ball on the rebound.

Stair Steppers

The stair stepper drill may look easy at first, but after a very short time of performing this drill there will be no question of its importance for speed, strength, balance and coordination. Start out by performing this soccer drill for a minute at a time. Then stop and rest.

1. Start with the ball in front of you and your right or left foot on top of the ball.

2. With a slight hop or jump, switch legs so that the opposite foot is now on top of the ball.

3. Repeat this over and over for a minute. Make sure to focus on accuracy and not speed in the beginning.

Cross Bar Kicks

Here is a drill that will help you to work on your power and accuracy when taking shots. For this drill, stand at the half field point and kick the ball, aiming for the cross bar of the goal. Retrieve the ball and kick again from the half field point using the other leg this time. Taking shots from the half field will help improve your accuracy and leg strength so that you can make accurate powerful shots on the goal.

Dribbling Drill

In soccer, ball control is a fundamental skill and without it, playing may not be as fun and your performance will severely lag. This drill will help with dribbling and ball control. Start by placing a few cones or markers about eight to ten feet apart. Make sure that you are comfortable with the distance first. You can always place the cones closer together as your skills improve. Now you can dribble the ball down the line while weaving in between the cones. When you get to the end, turn around and go back, dribbling the ball again.

Practice these individual soccer drills as many times as possible and your will notice improvements in your ball control skills, shooting skills and overall game play due to improved stamina and performance. Remember that being a good athlete is more about determination, effort and practice than it is raw talent.


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