Top 3 Passing Soccer Drills

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The Importance of Passing

Soccer is a high intense sport requiring players to have good balance, coordination, and fitness. Passing is also a critical skill all soccer players need to learn and practice regularly, as effective passing is a critical component for a competitive team. Be sure that your players are well hydrated, stretched, and outfitted before starting any passing soccer drills. There are four difference types of passes. Be sure to have your team members practice most of these.

**Side Foot Pass-**This is one of the easiest and most used passes. Be sure all your players are using this pass correctly.

Lofted Pass**-**This pass is made through the air. The ball is kicked into the air over the opposition and into the teammates area. This pass can be a bit tricky. Have your team members try this a few times.

One-Two Pass**-** This is a quick pass to a teammate, and then they return the ball back to the original passer with one touch as they run into space. This pass is efficient for defeating defenders.

Below are some of the top passing soccer drills.

Through Ball**-** This is a pass that is made into open space in which another teammate can run into. This is also great for beating defenders.

Shuttle Passing

This drill is great for passing and receiving. First you want to separate your players into groups of three or four people. Place two players about 20 yards apart and the other one or two players in the middle. Mark the middle player(s) areas with two cones.

When they start, have the middle player(s) run towards separate end players calling for a pass when they are about three yards from the end player. When the middle player receives it, they should control it, pass it back, then run to the other end player and do the same thing. Have the middle player repeat this process of going back and forth for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then have the end players switch with the middle players and repeat.

Be sure to look for technical mistakes, quality passing skills, and quick turns. You can make this drill competitive by seeing which group can make the most passes in their entire rotation.

Speedy Passing Warm up

In this drill have your players divide up in 2 groups of 6 and have them mix up and spread out around a 30x40 yard grid on the field. Give balls to players 1 and 4 and have them pass to the team member one number higher than them. Then the next players would do the same. Encourage your players to think ahead a few steps to be better prepared. Do this drill for about five to seven minutes. To make this drill more challenging, limit your players’ verbal communications to one word such as “two” or have them only use non verbal communications to pass. Be sure to encourage quality passing and receiving skills.

5 by 5 Dribbling and Passing

Start out by dividing your players into two teams of five and two goal keepers. Have the players play this 5 by 5 game with one restriction. The offensive player with the ball has to defeat a defender before they can pass or shoot. This will push your offensive players to dribble and face defenders, as they have to decide whether to dribble, pass or shoot the ball. Be sure to Remind players to make good quality approaches, change course, and change their pace where needed.


Since passing is the main purpose of these drills, be sure to focus on the passing more than receiving. Make sure your players are exercising proper technique and using the appropriate types of passes. For more practice drills, please refer to the sources below.