Saw Palmetto for Women

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Saw palmetto grows in certain parts of the America’s. It is a palm-like tree that grows berries. The oil extracts have a variety of therapeutic uses. Saw palmetto for women may be beneficial for vanity reasons and to help alleviate certain ailments that women experience. Saw palmetto may not work as well for some women and all women should consult their physician prior to starting a saw palmetto regimen.

Hair Growth

One of the vanity uses of saw palmetto for women is hair growth. It can help to stimulate hair growth when applied directly to the scalp and massaged in. It can also be used as an ailment remedy in terms of excess hair growth in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is characterized by abnormally high levels of testosterone which leads to growing too much hair in areas that women typically do not grow hair. It also leads to women growing more hair in normal areas such as their legs and armpits. Saw palmetto can help to alleviate the excess hair growth associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Blood Pressure

An ailment-alleviating use of saw palmetto for women is helping to control blood pressure. Saw palmetto is purported to have a natural diuretic property because of its anti-androgen properties. This helps to control blood pressure and reduce water retention.

The Breasts

Saw palmetto has two purported uses for the breasts. It is said to stimulate prolactin (a female hormone) production which is said to be beneficial in promoting breast enlargement. Its prolactin-stimulating effects are also said to help stimulate and increase lactation and milk production in women who are breastfeeding.


A woman’s doctor should always be consulted when determining the best dosage for her and her condition. However, the standard dose of a standardized saw palmetto extract is 160 milligrams daily and a gram per day is the recommendation for the crushed berry. However, all women are different and there is no “right dosage” for all individual women so all women should consult with their doctor to determine how much saw palmetto they should consume per day. Saw palmetto for women comes in an oral capsule, natural berry, oral tablet, and tea forms.

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