What Are the Benefits of Ashoka Capsules?

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The bark, seeds and flowers of the ashoka plant are used to make ashoka capsules that are sold as natural supplements. The supplements are most often used by women because of the many benefits they produce. However, they can be used by men as well.

Benefits for Women

Ashoka is often used by women to relieve and manage extreme bleeding during menstruation. It can also relieve the cramping and other painful symptoms of the menstrual cycle. The natural supplement can treat and prevent unusual vaginal discharges and kill infections in that area.

The bark of the ashoka plant contains ketosterol. This is a compound that is used to treat uterine fibroids and other internal fibroids. Using these capsules for fibroids will stop the bleeding in the affected area and repair the damages as well. The supplement stops most uterine bleeding.

Other Benefits

Ashoka capsules benefit the skin as well. The ability of the capsules to improve the overall complexion of the body is just one more reason many women use this natural supplement. The capsules are believed to relieve burning sensations of the skin and other areas within the body.

Ashoka appears to aid in the digestion process. It also aids people with irregular bowel problems, allowing them to regulate their bowel movements. It also causes the bowels to be of a normal consistency, which makes it easier for stool to pass.

The ashoka benefits appear to extend to the blood as well. It is said to remove toxins from the blood naturally. It is believed the capsules can help manage and prevent certain diseases that originate from within the blood.

The supplements are often used to relieve excessive thirst. It is also said to manage any inflammation in the lymph nodes. All painful conditions are said to benefit from use of these capsules.

Side Effects

There are no known serious side effects associated with ashoka. However, it is recommended pregnant and breastfeeding women do not use these supplements. It is best to speak with a health professional before trying any new natural remedies.


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