Health Benefits of Angstrom Minerals

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Health Benefits of Angstrom Minerals

An angstrom is simply a unit of measurement. It is equal to 0.1 nanometer and there are ten billion angstroms in one meter. There are ten million angstroms in one millimeter. As you can see, an angstrom is so small it is hard to even comprehend its size. Angstrom minerals are very tiny minerals that are easily absorbed into the cells. The health benefits of angstrom minerals are far reaching. Angstrom is the size of minerals contained in plants and plant foods that we ingest so they are the natural form of minerals for humans to take in. They are 1,000,000 times smaller that the more common colloidal minerals which can accumulate within our systems and create a toxic effect.

Regular mineral supplements are not largely assimilable by our bodies. They are simply too large for our cells to absorb and either pass through our systems or they begin to accumulate inside of us. This can cause calcification in our bodies. Angstrom sized minerals differ in that they are 100% absorbable by our cells. In order for the angstrom minerals to be absorbed, they must be water soluble. Because angstrom minerals are bound to hydrogen molecules, they are therefore water soluble which is of utmost importance. Angstrom sized minerals can help in the process of decalcifying our bodies. According to some health experts, calcification plays a major role in every known disease and is very important eliminate in order to experience optimal health.

Upon ingestion, as the deficient mineral bank in the body begins to reverse, according to natural health expert, David Wolfe, the person taking the minerals may experience “increased strength of the immune system, the endocrine system, the digestive system, the skin and increased altertness as well as the ability to focus.”

Angstrom sized minerals are new to the supplement world, but were studied as far back as the 1950’s by the National Institute of Health.

The most reputable brand of angstrom minerals are the Mother Earth brand which can be purchased through Sunfood Nutrition or the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.


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