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Supplements to Boost Your Energy

written by: Marina Hanes • edited by: Lisa Lambson • updated: 6/28/2011

Many factors can affect your energy levels, and it can be challenging to determine what is negatively affecting your energy. However, by starting with the basics such as your diet, you can increase your energy level and boost it by adding a few supplements to your daily food routine.

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    Energy Loss

    You can experience a low energy day at any time of the year. Some people become drained of their energy because of stress while others have low energy if they don't eat a balanced diet. Regardless of what is affecting your body and mind, energy supplements can improve the way you feel. Sometimes it takes a while for you to feel the effect, but when you incorporate these supplements into your diet, you will start to notice a gradual change.

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    Increase Energy

    Natural and homeopathic remedies give your body a push in the right direction. In addition, depending on the supplement, you can also benefit from additional effects such as an improved immune system, organ functioning and vitality. Some of the featured herbs in energy supplements include Siberian Ginseng, Olea europea (olive leaf extract) and Centella asiatica.

    Siberian Gingseng is well known for reducing stress and revitalizing the body. It actually helps the body fight stress as well as fatigue and disease. This botanical remedy is an all in one package, and it can be taken in capsule, tablet or tea form. In order to see benefits, it's best to take it daily for up to one month.

    Olive leaf extract is a powerful antioxidant, which builds lasting energy as well as supports your immune system and cardiovascular circulation. So if you're looking to lower cholesterol effects and protect your body from the cold and flu, this might be for you.

    Centella asiatica is a safe option if you want to fight those tired days. Some individuals turn to those quick fixes, which contain caffeine and other harmful chemicals, but this particular herb can restore your body and mind without side effects.

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    Things to Keep in Mind

    Even though certain herbs can give you a quick pick me up, it's important to adjust the aspects of your life that are causing you to have lower energy levels. For example, along with taking these herbs, you should also eat a balanced diet, exercise and reduce the stress in your life. If anything, finding an alternative way to deal with stress such as meditation, yoga, massage, etc. can get your entire body on the right path. Taking the herbs is just one step, but if you encompass all of these other factors into your daily routine, you will notice a quicker improvement. Plus, it may create a healthier path for you in the long run.