Vitamins for Memory: Enhancing Brain Function and Memories

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“Now where did I put my car keys?” Oh yes, we have all had slight memory lapses, but as we get older these mild and rare moments turn into frequent struggles to maintain proper memory storage. So, in an effort to enhance brain function and improve recollection, this article is designed to show you specific essential vitamins for memory.

Specific Vitamins for Memory Enhancement

Making sure that your body has all the necessary vitamins is important for over all health. But, there are three primary nutrients and vitamins for memory that each person should take in order to enhance brain function.

Antioxidants are mandatory for protecting brain tissue. They seek out and destroy free radicals that hinder the neurons in your brain. These keep the brain structure healthy and fortified. These antioxidants are vitamins C and E and beta-carotene. Drinking teas daily are a good way to consistently keep a steady supply of antioxidants going into the body.

B vitamins are probably the most important vitamins a person can take to increase the functioning potential of the brain. Research studies have shown that these vitamins for memory are crucial to optimum function. Among their duties is breaking down a toxic element which destroys nerve cells called homocysteine, protects neurons in the brain much like antioxidants, and helps the body produce more red blood cells that carry oxygen to the brain.

Some foods that are rich in antioxidants and B vitamins are: berries, dark green veggies, broccoli, seeds, nuts, and citrus fruits. We should try and get these vitamins for memory from the foods we consume but that doesn’t always happen. So, taking a nutritional supplement can prove to be highly beneficial.

Omega 3 fatty acids are another supplement one should take if their diets are not getting enough. True, these are not vitamins but they are essential for brain health and memory function. Fish and walnuts are a great way to get them.

Try to remember, you will always have some sort of a memory blocking every so often, such is a part of life. But, when you take care of your brain health by replenishing the necessary nutrients that it needs to function properly, you can significantly increase optimum potential.


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