The Truth About Hoodia: Learn About a User’s Actual Experience with This Weight Loss Product

About the Famous Hoodia

Hoodia, whose full name given in science is Hoodia gordonii, has been one of the most popular diet crazes like the most recent acai berry. You will see it being advertised everywhere including junk emails, social sites such as MySpace, and even in supplements at your local drug store. It is native to Africa and is said to be have been used by the native Sans Bushmen of Southern Africa to suppress hunger.

A component that makes up Hoodia called P57 molecule fools your body by producing the same effect glucose has on the brain, making your body think it is full. Though it acts like glucose it is much stronger. It may take about 7-10 days or longer to see its effect. The higher content in milligrams of hoodia per capsule produces the best results. A content of 750 mg is a nice pure amount of Hoodia that will produce the best results as pure Hoodia is said to work better than combination supplements that do not provide an ample amount of the suppressant.

Different Forms of Hoodia

Hoodia is available in many forms and all work uniquely in the way they are ingested. It comes in the form of pills, liquid, patches,spray, tea, and even gum. Prices of these products may vary. Hoodia side effects may vary as well. Of course you should never take any type of supplement especially when it comes to diet aids before consulting with your doctor. When you buy online, make sure you are buying genuine forms of Hoodia as the legitimate Hoodia suppliers will have certified paperwork .Some companies that sell Hoodia manufacture supplements with ineffective amounts of the plant or made from parts of the plant that do not contain the P57 molecule that contributes to weight loss. The Hoodia plant takes 4-5 years to fully mature before it can be harvested to be useful as a diet aid and is pretty much ineffective if it is not a mature plant.

The truth is Hoodia does work, but it must be chosen wisely by manufacturer and dosage. It must be used on a consistent basis with balanced diet and exercise. If you are the type to eat even though you are already full, it may not produce the best results for you.

My Run with Hoodia

I tried Hoodia around the time it began to get real "big" in the diet market. After I had my son in 2005, I purchased a product called Desert Burn in 750 mg capsules. You may want to order another form of the supplement if you can’t handle larger capsules. I did experience dry mouth every now and then, but it is not a typical side effect. One thing I will make clear is that it is not a miracle treatment or a quick fix. It does suppress hunger but you have to follow those feelings and have some resistance. It added about two pounds of loss to my four pounds a month pattern of weight loss I had already been maintaining before taking the supplement. Also it took about a full month to really kick in before I noticed I had lost a few pounds more than usual! Overall I do recommend Hoodia as a helping hand with your weight loss plan!


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