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  • Treating High Cholesterol with Niacin and Fish Oil
    Eating well, exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle are best, but when this is not enough, can using fish oil and niacin to lower cholesterol help? Learn about each and see if these natural remedies may be right for you.
  • Important Vitamin D Facts
    How important is Vitamin D for our bodies? Learn about this vital nutrient including symptoms of deficiency and what foods are rich in Vitamin D.
  • Vitamins Necessary to Supplement a Vegetarian Diet
    Are you a vegetarian? If so you might not be getting all of the essential nutrients from your diet. Although vegetarians have a strict diet, it's important that you learn about the vitamins needed when on a vegetarian diet. Vegetarian vitamins are availalbe and can make a big difference.
  • Supplements to Boost Your Energy
    Many factors can affect your energy levels, and it can be challenging to determine what is negatively affecting your energy. However, by starting with the basics such as your diet, you can increase your energy level and boost it by adding a few supplements to your daily food routine.
  • Hoodia:The Truth About It
    Hoodia, a recent diet craze, is favored by some yet many beg to differ. Is Hoodia just another "sham" supplement? There have many natural diet aids used to promote weight loss or health benefits that have proved harmless, but do they actually work?
  • Benefits of a B-Vitamin Nutritional Supplement
    This article will focus on B-vitamin nutritional supplement benefits as well as the connection between B-vitamins and health.
  • Health Benefits of Fish Oil
    Helping in the treatment of depression and prevention of Alzheimer's disease are some of the health benefits of fish oil. Learn what else it is good for and know what side effects of fish oil can occur if excessive amounts are taken.
  • Information on L-arginine
    What is L-arginine? It is an amino acid that the body needs to perform certain functions like keeping the immune system healthy. It may also be helpful in treating some medical conditions when taken as a supplement. Learn more about this nutrient and see if supplementation may benefit your health.
  • Nutritional Supplements for Bladder Infections
    Repeated bladder infections are troublesome and annoying to treat. Frequent courses of antibiotics are not a good answer to the problem. Besides practicing good hygiene, some nutritional supplements may help.
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