Understanding Indium Mineral Supplements

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Indium is a type of metal. It is mainly produced in Canada, but has been found, in rare instances, in Russia and Siberia. It is not found in water or food and our bodies do not contain it once we pass 25 to 30 years of age. When indium is in the indium mineral supplement form of indium sulphate it is considered safe for humans to consume.

How it Works

Indium begins working with the very first dose. This also means that adverse effects can begin to occur with the very first dose. However, some patients may not begin noticing any results for more than a week and it often needs to be taken, under close doctor supervision, for at least three months for the best results. Dosage will depend on the individual, but most patients will take one drop for each dose as directed by their doctor. This supplement will come in a small bottle and will have a dropper lid to help make dosing accurate and easy for the patient.

Uses and Benefits of Indium

Indium mineral supplements have a variety of uses. Some common uses include decreasing the signs of aging, decreasing the severity and length of colds, helping the body need less sleep, decreasing bruise and minor injury healing time, and improving immunity, arthritis pain, poor memory, and well-being.

Other benefits of indium may include lowering cancer figures, decreasing localized cancer pain, decreasing the healing time of burns and scratches, improving wasting diarrhea in HIV/AIDS patients, improving the talking and walking ability of Parkinson’s disease patients, regulating irregular menstrual cycles, and reducing tartar buildup on teeth.

Side Effects

When indium mineral supplements are not taken under the strict supervision of a doctor, side effects can occur and they are often serious. These include lung irritation, kidney damage, liver damage, heart damage, and other organ damage. Patients who apply it directly to the skin may experience skin irritation.


Women who are breastfeeding an infant and those who are pregnant should not take indium. Those taking this supplement should not take it with food. All patients who are thinking about taking indium must consult their physician before taking it and let them know about all medical conditions they have and about all medications they take for maximum safety.

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